What's your age?

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  1. 16, junior in highschool. also paying for the stang, got a 2 year loan on it.... and the insurance(blah gay) also paid for every mod i have done so far (about 600 in exhaust work, 50 dollar intake, 60 for gauges, 220 for s281 spoiler, etc the list goes on) and barely holding on to a social life between school work and bills
  2. :D , it looks like i don't have to deal with that problem anymore ever since my ex-girlfriend dumped my ass last year :mad:. knew her since 7th grade, dated her since hs. with all the money i spent/wasted on/with her, i could have bought a KB 2.1:bang:

    still waiting for SRT HANDZ to answer this question. i think i have a pretty good idea how old he is now after XXMustangRayXX answered.
  3. 28, DJ/ musician. Too bad I will be about 35 by the time I pay off this Mach!!!:bang:
  4. 16/f/hawaii [​IMG]
  5. 33,almost married :p ,and we have a 4 yearold daughter who just turned 16 :nonono: !!!
  6. 20. graduated from college last year and been working as an Automotive Tech for the past 11 months. but yet no blower yet....:nonono:
  7. 21 and the parents split the cost for a high school gift. Had to ditch the v6. bought lost it to alcoholism but pulled it back. Hoping to build up the car after the first fo the year when I have money. Then the gf will hopefully go for a good career. Im know all jobs suck so. How does everybody pay for the stuff. Drugs are the only option ive seen viable.
  8. 22, 23 in 3 weeks :eek:
  9. 25 and single :)
  10. I would take you if that was your picture in the avatar lol:nice:
  11. 18, paid for it all and damn proud of it.
  12. 25/f

    We're supposed to explain how we paid for our car too? haha

    Uh...financed hopefully paid off in 1 1/2 years or so...

  13. :bs:

  14. :eek:

    I'm a dude :)

  15. :shrug: I didn't know that was part of the deal.

    In that case, i paid for my car by selling illegal guns on the streets of Boston. It's a dangerous gig but it's bought me a few cars since I was 16. Recently i got hooked up with this Columbian fellow and as soon as we work out the details to my new cocaine trafficking gig I hope to be buying a Porsche Cayman S :nice:

  16. No ****! really? DUH! I was saying IF you looked like her

  17. Well i didn't know that. I've gotten PM's from guys who really thought that was me before. Damn hornballs :nonono:
  18. age

    20 years old and still kickin' rollin' on saleens :nice:
  19. Haha! Best screenname of all time!
  20. 52 (just happy I'm not the oldest here).
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