What's your car weigh?

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  1. Weighed the car today at the dump. Came in at 3138lbs without driver. Seems not to bad for SN95 with some weight loss items. What's your car weigh?
    Things Ive done
    Tubular k member, a arms, 2001 brakes (GT)
    2003 cobra struts (3lb lighter per stock strut)
    front/rear coilovers
    AL heads,
    AC delete
    cruise delete
    rear end vibration dampener? delete
    fog light delete (good for cold air intake)
    al drive shaft
    no spare/jack
    battery in back (weight dist)
    air pump

    Added weight
    frame connectors
    those heavy A$$ 17x9 cobra r's
  2. weighed in 3150 the other day.....

    weight reduction = !sway bar, !dog bone, !spare Jack, rear seat cushions only

    I do have MTX 12 inch subs, 2 amps and a crossover
  3. 3500lbs without me

    Alum heads
    alum pulleys
    alum DS
    removed smog pump
    removed thermactor and EGR
    offroad X pipe
    removed 25lb convertible weight
    removed 10lb dog bone
    no spare/jack/trunck carpet
    no pass seat
    no rear seat bottom

    Added weight:
    TKO trans
    Global West full length subframe connectors
    GW LCA's
    Chrome hooker 4 point roll bar
    chrome strut tower brace
    chrome wheels
    Xenon ground effects
  4. I got my car smogged yesterday and the printout i had said my car wiehged in at 3625. Is that right?
  5. If it still has the stock heads and no weight removal... that seems right. My car weighed 3803lbs with me in it at englishtown with the stock heads, spare, jack, 10lb dog bone, etc.
  6. Wow i figured it would have been alot lighter with the tubular k..

    Makes me wonder if the scale at my track was off the day i got it weighed. I weighed in at 3250 with me in it, i weigh about 175ish

    Weight loss is..

    Al heads,
    Al d/s,
    no smog junk,
    no ac junk,
    no front sway bar,
    no back seat,
    gutted trunk,
    no strut tower brace,
    offroad x pipe,
    alum pulleys,
    no egr
    * i think thats it, if i remember more ill add it

    added weight..

    17x9 chrome cobra R's
    a couple gauges
  7. Wow you're doing good at 3075 but I'd get a second opinion. Seems a little light. The front suspension stuff and kmembers worth about a 100 loss but then theres the S/C so maybe not :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:
  8. well what do our cars weigh from the factory, 3350ish?
  9. well, they are supposed to weigh 3280 curb weight from the factory... but never seen that... mine is 3580 w/ me and 1/4 tank gas... no removal items, except tensioner pully, and ash tray :D
  10. 3350lbs is typical for a 94-95 coupe stock.
  11. 3860 with me in it, WAY TOO MUCH!!!
  12. wonder if its possible to get a 94 vert down to around 3000-3100?
  13. Methinks you need to find a different scale... one that's accurate maybe. That's way too light, especially with the stereo gear.

    I think your weight is pretty accurate. Aluminum heads save a ton of weight and the stock cat-pipe weighs a ton as well. The A/C is also good for several pounds. If anything, I'd think you may be a bit closer to the 3K mark.

    FWIW, my GTS weighed 3260# completely stock (nothing removed) plus a Bassani SS catback. This was w/o me and 2.5 gallons of fuel in the tank. I've since added (or removed):

    Fluidyne aluminum radiator - pound or two heavier than stock
    16" wheels swapped for 17's - added 8# total to the car
    Aluminum pullies
    Tubular K-member
    Tubular A-arms
    Coilovers at all four corners
    Cobra R Bilstein struts and shocks (maybe a 2-3 pounds lighter)
    Sway bars removed (front and rear)
    Smog pump and associated tubing removed
    Bassani SS offroad X-pipe
    Dog-bone removed
    Stock LCA's swapped for MM RR LCA's (2.5# each)
    Quad shocks removed
    Trunk gutted, jack and spare removed
    Sound deadening material in trunk removed
    Rear seat deleted (without any paneling added)
    Rear seatbelts removed

    I've got a ton of other stuff but they're really not that much different than the stock weight (e.g. my poly motor mounts don't weigh any more or less than the stock ones).

    I haven't weighed it recently but I suspect that I'm hovering around the 3100# mark. After the hood swap and Al heads, I fully expect to be quite close to 3K even. Brakes will probably be before that though and drop me a few more pounds (aluminum calipers and 2-piece rotors). There's a ton of other things I have planned as well that both add and subtract weight. By the time it's all over (is it ever?) I'm hoping for a 2900# SN-95 with me in it, a full tank of gas, and retaining A/C , P/S, and the radio.
  14. Ya Baglock I'd guess you're just under 3100#. You mentioned some other items that we all forget about being toast like the stock Hpipe, quad shocks etc and the items I forget to add like the lower control arms (south side), My upper contols are probably lighter - UPR's.
    A gts is lighter because of no wing, manual windows - what else?
  15. Don't underestimate that stock H-pipe; it weighs a friggin ton. As far as the rest of the stuff, it all adds up. 4-5 pounds here, 3-4 pounds there... Before you know it, all that little stuff adds up to 50+ pounds.

    First off, a GTS could have been ordered with any option a V6 could get. Therefore, not all GTS's are stripped down. But mine is about the most stripped you can get without getting into special deletes (e.g. the A/C required a special delete).

    A normal GTS (like mine) doesn't have:
    Power leather seats (mine are the manual cloth V6 seats)
    Mach 460 (I just had a tape deck)
    Power windows
    Power locks
    Rear defrost
    Rear spoiler

    I think I'm forgetting something... oh well. Additionally, my GTS (not a GTS exclusive) has the ABS deleted which is probably another 5-10 pounds lost in equipment and extra fluid.
  16. there are a few things I won't get rid of to save weight, ABS is one of those things... It's saved my arse on more than one occasion...

    -although, it does make doing E-Brakers almost impossible :D
  17. My car was 3353 bone stock with a quarter tank of gas.
  18. This may sound stupid....but what is a "dog bone" and the "rear end vibration dampner" :shrug:

    Just curious.
  19. They're the same thing. It's attached to the pumpkin on the rear end.

  20. [​IMG]

    It's the rusty thing at the top of the pic. Most people take it off when the get a steeper gear, because it's useless then.