What's your car weigh?

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  1. To clarify, the ABS was deleted at the factory. I didn't remove it. Further, ABS has been proven to stop in greater distances compared to a non ABS car. It's all in the hands, or feet as the case may be, of the driver.

    It was useless on my car even with the stock gearing. While I'm not suggesting everyone run out and remove it, I noticed no difference when I removed it from my car, even with stock gears.
  2. yes i think ur right, but i doubt im near 3k yet.. Maybe with my skinnies and if i get weld rears also then i could probably be there.

    I also have a 98 cobra hood, i dont know if its lighter/heavier then the stock hood.. And my car has leather seats, power windows/locks, power driver seat, abs... The day i weighed it i was running on fumes. I went back up with skinnies and subframe conecters and the scale was not open :notnice: i figured they would have cancelled each other out as far as weight goes.
  3. stereo is gone along with the air pump.

    the car is now 3070 with the back seat pulled. I have since done half a rear seat delete with the bottom cusion still installed. for my buddies at college :)

    stock suspension.

    dont hate :notnice:
  4. How about this , with all together except 150lb stereo and smog pump 3900lb with full tank of gas, or 3700lb 1/5 gas and with me, this is one heavy mofo, somebody have to go on diet me or Stang , probability me b/c I weigh 290lb :D
  5. atkins diet = mod
  6. 3350..full tank..without me. Add another 30 when I get the subs and crossbraces welded in.
  7. 3236 with only the jack/spare removed. 3/8s tank of gas. 17" Cobras.
    Only weight loss aside from the jack/spare is an aluminum driveshaft.
  8. well, just had it weighed at the dump yesterday... with just over 1/4 tank of gas, It came to just about exactly 3600... I think it gained some weight since last racing season...
  9. Full interior, no spare/jack & heavy 17's mine is 3285lbs. I have no mods that would reduce weight.
  10. Too heavy!!! Mine weighs in with me in the car and my slicks bolted up and around 1/2 tank of fuel weighs in at 3280 according to official scales at the race track. Need to get it down to 3000
  11. Thats why you guys with Coupe are fast
    I have 3700
  12. Last time I weighed my car it was 3200 (without me) with exhaust replaced. Full interrior, no weight savings :banana:
  13. 3240lbs with 1/2 tank of gas and w/o me