Whats your daily driver?

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  1. 99 jeep cherokee with a busted up passenger side and 183k miles on the ticker. i'm thinking about getting rid of it when it hits 200k. i'm getting tired of it.
  2. My daily driver for a cage is my 2007 F150 supercrew 4x4.....but if its nice out I prefer to ride my 2008 KLR650, for generally running around on. :nice:
  3. wow that is beautiful. hopefully the fairlane will be as nice looking when i'm done with her.
  4. my DD is a 94 ford probe 2.5L. 181000 on the clock. looking for a KLZE to swap in
  5. 06 Cadillac CTS

    Black on Black
  6. [​IMG]

    That thing is gorgeous! :hail2: I had a '68 Camaro about the same shade of blue back in high school. I totaled her on Dec. 27, 1992 going uphill across a bridge that was frozen from the morning frost that had evaporated everwhere else but that damn bridge. Since I was going uphill I was into the gas and went sideways, when I hit the pavement again my fresh tires I got for Christmas 2 days earlier bit nice and hard and slung me right into a hill similar to the upper sections of this rocky hillside reducing the driver side of my nice '68 Camaro into something resembling a cheese grater. Bent the frame too. Man that day sucked! :mad:
  7. When the Sun is out...ZX11, otherwise a 99 Tacoma... I'm so bored with my car it's still stored from last year...:(
    Its nice to see you here again! Get that car out and burn some rubber off before old man winter gets here!
  9. my 00 excursion.

    i take the stang out when the temp is cooler (below 100).
  10. What do u get for MPG in that huge TANK?
  11. 99 4 door explorer. 4.0v6 all time all wheel drive. i rarely ever drive the stang anymore:(
  12. about 15 city and 23 hwy (if i keep it at 70 or under).
  13. My Daily Driver:

    2004 Silver Birch Mercury Marauder

    I drive about 125 miles a day to work and back and the Mustang was on the road to much to get any work done on it so I picked the Marauder up as a daily driver.

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  14. 1995 F-150 XLT 4x4
    5.8 auto
    reg cab, long bed
    Detroit locker in the front Dana 44
    Eaton LSD rear
    Warn premium manual locking hubs
    Reliable and fun in the mud!
  15. **** thats nice looking.
  16. 2001 Black F150 extended cab with tow package and off road package. I'd like to down size but I'm an avid hunter and fisherman and I don't think I can. I have a 15 foot hunting canoe, snow mobiles on a trailer, and I do tree work some times in the summer so I work it all the time.

  17. 94 escort. just got a 95 v6 that i should be putting a motor in this weekend. so ill prolly throw my bullits on it and drive that. and we got a 05 explorer. its really hers so i barely drive it.

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  18. 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Special Edition
    4.7L V8
    2WD (Don't need the extra weight of the 4WD stuff, cause it'll never be used)

    Great DD and it gots some grunt. Gotta have the V8.
  19. 01 Ranger Edge 5 Speed

    I call him "little fella"


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