Whats your daily driver?

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  1. Currantly a 2000 Olds Intrigue with a 3.5DOHC v6 (damn things scoots).

    Hope to replace it with a fuzion. I was looking at 07's but we were refi'n our house in the beginning of aug. the market tanked and we just decided to wait for the rates to drop since I knew they would be. We should be closing this week, but it looks like I will be looking at 08's and waiting alittle longer for better rebates on top of the Xplan I already get.
  2. 1994 ford explorer 4.0 v-6 and when its nice out a 2006 yamaha vino 125cc scooter lol
  3. This sick 95 Mustang...
  4. My wife and I have a 60 mile roundtrip commute to so we're racking up the miles on this '01 Cougar


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  5. that is...a dirty lil fella :jaw:

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  6. My daily driver is a 01 Cobra vert. Got is back in May 07 with 33k miles from original owener (they got a Shelby GT500) and I have know the car since new.. Pics

  7. Seeing that makes me miss the s10 i recently sold a few month ago....03 s10 sold with 89k on it but it was a good truck. Your's looks great BTW

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    Current daily driver is the white 07 mustang....just shy of 100 miles a day :( 2 1/2 months and 9k miles later she still fine, but I enjoy driving the 95 more. :)

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    the 95 has the wing back on it now since these pics, and the fr500's

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  8. 2004 SVT Lightning

  9. ^That's awesome! Now all you need is a SVT Focus pit car. :)

    What part of Houston are you from?
  11. cadillac7152006.jpg
    Im a pimp by day, lol nah i steal my brothers, moms, or dads car when its crappy weather if not I drive the GT.

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  12. My DD/beater is this '91 Dodge Shadow ES. It's turbo 5 speed. I payed $75 for it and drove it home.


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  13. This was the old DD until I started to get brave on it and passed a state cop on the freeway doing 165 mph. Now I have the stang and an 02 explorer loaded except the V8 option. It's got the V6:( Wish I would've gotten the V8 now:bang:

    The bike was a 94 Honda CBR900RR with a 99 cbr900rr nose conversion. This is what it had for toys: stage 3 jet kit, intake, Erion Racing full exhaust, polished frame, Chrome wheels (at picture time one wheel was off for bearing repairs), Head port work, re-geared sprockets. She loved to come up in 3rd gear:D
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    This is the truck. Only pic I have right now.
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  14. Nice bike Dave. The starter switch went bad on mine it was sticking so I have to rig up another one. It then needs to go into the shop for new fork seals and inspection. I bought a new battery for it then it started acting up so I hope it didn't go to **** on me