Whats your exp's with Maaco???

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  1. do the prep work yourself, and yes, if you have a steady hand paint it yourself, with a 1/2 decent spray gun and a compressor.

    You have to remember that they are painting your car for about what you'll pay for the paint if you go buy it. If you know anyone who works at a body shop try to get some paint at cost. It will save you a few bucks.

    It is all 100% in the prep. the best paint jobs in the world are multi-coated over perfect prep work. Single or even 2 coat jobs over decent prep work will come out nice.

    You can prep it yourself and take it there, finish the prep work, and just have them spray it. If I were you, I'd even have them call right before they were going to spray it and go there with some fine grit paper and some solvent to scuff and clean the surface right before they paint, then when they lay it on, it will stick better.

    Also, I know the paint they use takes a little longer to fully cure. A decent paint will take about 3 weeks to cure pretty well, some never fully cure unless they are sun baked or oven baked. So make sure you find out the curing time of the paint they use, so you don't wax it or do anything you shouldn't before it fully cures.

    and finally good luck and put up before and after pics!
  2. Then don't paint it. Maacos typically do an ass-poor job. In fact, I suggest you invest that $300 in a decent HVLP spray gun, paint, and some body shop classes at the local community college.
  3. I saw this older post and I am curious about how a Maaco paint job would look like on a 01-04 Mustang if MAACO did all the prep work correctly?
    How much MORE money would one have to pay Maaco to do all the prep work which is required PROPERLY if they chose the BEST paint job that Maaco currently offers? I think that the best current paint job is called the "Presidential" paint job and it has something like a 3 or 4 year warrantly on it.
    Let's say someone owned a 2001 or a 2002 Mustang and they needed to get the WHOLE CAR repainted with all the correct prep work done to it before repainting it. How much more money would they have to spend if they use Maaco and have Maaco properly prep the car? Would there still be any savings by using Maaco, even though Maaco would do all the correct prep work that is needed? This question has been bothering me for a very long time. I am thinking about using Maaco for my daily driver Mustang in the futire and I would like to know what I would save if I used the BEST paint job and the BEST prep work that Maaco offers if compared to using a "private" body shop. Can anyone in here give me a rough estimate or range of how much money I will save by using Maaco if they do the proper prep work and if I were to purchase the TOP OF THE LINE paint job from them?
    Someone muxt know the answer to this I hope.
  4. It probably varies by area, your best bet would be to call your local Maaco and ask them.