Whats your favorite era?

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favorite era?

  1. 64- 66

    23 vote(s)
  2. 67-68

    32 vote(s)
  3. 69-70

    24 vote(s)
  4. 71 -73

    8 vote(s)
  1. I have to Agree with 72Grande,
    I like the big body Stangs, as I am also the proud owner of a 72 grande.

    One thing I like about the coupes is they are not as popular as the sportsroof models, so they are just a little bit different when you go to a cruise or carshow.
  2. IMO, if you were to only pick one mustang from the 64-73 era to best desrcibe a mustang muscle car, it has to be the 69-70 Boss 429 hands down. meanest looking stang with a semi hemi big block V8.
  3. '65-'66 - smallest, lightest, simplist. Pretty much a plug and play car.
  4. I dont blame you guys. I hated the 71-73's till I owned one. If you get it out of your head that they should look like mustangs, and judge them as if they were a totaly differnt model car, they are pretty cool. The fact it will swallow a 460 easily is just gravy.
  5. I voted 67-68 but I prefer the 65-66 more than the 68. No offense but the things they changed in 68 were ALL for the worse except the 428, in my opinion. The 67 had all of the early model styling cues combined with the mechanical improvements of the latter years, without the bloat, fake wood, and psychedelic stuff.
  6. 69-70 due to the 429.
  7. Yeah sorry the 71-73s are garbage !!! too bad you guys blew your money on such a huge pile of ****, my grabber blue 70 Torino 429SCJ. 4spd was drop dead gorgeous, especially with the hidaways and I probably paid a lot less for it than your tankstangs. IMHO.
  8. I love those Ford dogdishes!
  9. I prefer moosestang, if you please.:rlaugh:

    I was just sitting around one day, minding my own, when i got a call from my uncle. He says "Remeber that old mustang sitting in my drivway? If you want it you can have it, but you gotta get it off my property by the end of the week or I'm towing it to the junkyard." The rest, is history.But you see, it would be quite impossible for you to have paid less for your '****ino'. neener:p

    Besides, did they ever make, convertable toronto's?:shrug:


  10. 65-66, because of smaller body and sexy fastbacks, dream car is a 65-66 fastback
  11. 70-71 Torino's way sexier than 71-73 Tankstangboats.
    Waste of time money and effort, rather have a german capri with V8. or even a camero !
  12. Only way I would ever own an huge 71-73 tankstang is if it were a BB 4spd FB Mach 1 dark blue w black stripes, if it was given to me, as for that crate you have 72grande I would've let your uncle take it to the junk yard !!! I'll keep my Torino till I get a 67 or 69 Mustang.

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  13. :shrug:
    Okay bud, now you have gone too far!
    :Damnit: crapola :ban:
  14. wait a minnute, you dont even have a stang? Now I feel lied to. How can I even be sure thats your tonto?
  15. 65-66, but I'm starting to like the look of the '69 more and more
  16. What's this guy's deal?
  17. FWIW, my first Mustang love was the 69 Mach-1, it is still #2 in my book.
  18. I like them all but my fav is of course the 65-66 cars.

    They are a little more boxy and that's exactly what I like about them.

    My close second would be the 69 Mach I...