Whats your favorite era?

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favorite era?

  1. 64- 66

    23 vote(s)
  2. 67-68

    32 vote(s)
  3. 69-70

    24 vote(s)
  4. 71 -73

    8 vote(s)

  1. Isn't that platonicsolids car? :hail2:

    Here's my 73:


    And I didn't choose a big body, she chose us!! More pics & the story behind why we brought her home on my gotstang page: http://www.gotstang.com/profile.php?electricgreen&page=4

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  2. Which one? GUESS!!!!

    And the 'because'...best, uncluttered bodylines and I found one CHEAP!! It's always been my favorite and it kinda fell out of the sky...on ME!!:rlaugh:

  3. If it has a V6 and a 4-speed, I'd take it. After all, when it comes right down to it, who's opinion matters when it comes to MY car? And nobody else's is worth a damn, regardless of year:D
  4. 65 Convertible - hands down favorite. (66 a close second). I've owned 2 of them - one I bought on April 18, 1964 and traded in fall of '66. (stoopid!!) The second I bought in summer of 67 because I just couldn't be without a Mustang convert. THAT one will get final paint next month as soon as it is warm enuf! Fun!!
  5. 70 BOSS 429 in grabber blue :banana:
    Right after that is a black 69 boss 429 :drool:

    IMO 69-70's as mentioned before are the meanest looking ones
  6. The best mustangs just have to be the OG's of the Mustangs. The 64 1/2 just have to be it, without that sexy body, Mustangs wouldn't have been so successful and well known right? :D

    Also how awsome is saying you have one of the first Mustangs ever made when talkin to a chick? Sure you could say you have the fastest of the mustang and blah, but would you think they even believe you?

    And i know we have our own opinions, but just to remind you of my beauty here it is ;)


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  7. That's a nice 65 you have there!

  8. 64.5 rounded is 65 right :p
  9. I voted 64-66 because of this...

    And because of Tavit's car...


    But 1968 is second place for sure.

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  10. Where are all the other big body lovers?! :shrug: I know there are more than three of us around, lol...
  11. 71-73

    Boss 351s & 429CJs eat boss9s for lunch.

    nuff said.
  12. Probably '72 351HOs too.

  13. Definitely and rather easily! I still like your GT though.




    My 71 Boss 351 (with GW suspension) is my favorite, it drives and handles better than my 1970 Boss 302 with TCP suspension all around.
  14. I guess you mean huge pile of cash! Have you seen how much the 71 351 Boss cars sell for? No disrepect, just having fun also.:D

    I guess I am number 5?

    So true, that is a fact Dan.
  15. Just one guys opinion, so don't jump all over me. After 35 years of looking at them, I am just starting to warm up to the 71-73 Mach 1s. And that is a barely. The coupes fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. They are so far from the original in looks and spirit that they should have just named the car something else. Even the Mustang II is closer to the original than the 71-73s. Granted, a 429 or Boss 351 engine is a big lure, but at the end of the day, you still have to look at the car.

    I like the 64-66s, but mostly the fastbacks. The coupes seem like dentist cars to me. If your gonna have a Falcon, spend Falcon money. I love the fastbacks, though. They are my 2nd favorite Mustang.

    I like most of the 67-68s, especially the interiors. These cars are pure Mustang.

    And finally, I voted for 69-70 because the Fastback is one of the sexiest cars ever built. I am unusual in that I also really like the coupes from this era, which is not the norm.

    I have also owned 2 Mustangs IIs with modified 302s in them. If you dress em up right, they don't look too bad. Better than the 71-73 coupes, that's for sure!

    There, I have just posted by far the most opinionated post I have ever written on Stangnet! :) I'll stop now....
  16. Hey, everyones got their own opinion :nice: After owing a love it or hate it truck, another love it or hate it truck, a 00 in a love it or hate it color, then a big body, I have come to this conclusion: Somewhere there is someone that hates your car. Somewhere there is someone that thinks you are crazy for buying/spending money on your car. And somewhere, there is someone that wishes they had your car. Not everyone is going to like your car, period. The most important thing is that YOU like YOUR car!!

    That said, I will admit until we "met" Eleanor, I was also not a fan of the big bodies. When I started "classic hunting", she is not what I pictured us buying. Now, though, if I could pick one more classic I could have to add to the collection, it would be a grabber green Boss 351. :hail2: Not happening, because even though they are big bodies, they are WAAYYY out of my price range!!
  17. Hey man!

    I'm no denist... Behold :)


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  18. LOL...No Jay, there are exceptions. Given the price of fastbacks these days, if I were to own a 65-66, it would probably be a coupe and I would probably make a trans am replicar or something out of it. ;)

    Truth be told, if I were buying that era, I have always been a sucker for 64 Comet Cyclones.
  19. I like the 71 Stangs.
    The Boss 351 was the fastest showroom stock gen 1 Mustang, and it's only a second slower than my Camaro when it was stock. :p

    My first car was a 71 Torino. Heck, it won Car of the Year when it came out, AND it was available in ragtop.
    The 71,2,3s still got it over the Torino.:Zip2:

  20. 72, look at his post count, I think somebody is pulling your chain:D

    as for the BEST mustang, I can't pick one. I've had all of them except a 72,(sorry):D and I liked them all. Oh and if you put your 71-73 stang beside a 69-70 stang they are the same size, the shape of the nose makes the 71-3 look longer but it isn't. I didn't believe it until I did it, but they are the same. As for the styling of the 71-3 I always thought they looked more like a torino than a stang, but I always liked them. Ofcourse I like the torinos too.:D