Whats your favorite era?

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favorite era?

  1. 64- 66

    23 vote(s)
  2. 67-68

    32 vote(s)
  3. 69-70

    24 vote(s)
  4. 71 -73

    8 vote(s)
  1. 68..i have driving my 65 more lately..but the 65 looks more girly especailly the tail light panel..the 68 tail light panel which the curve inward in all looks cooler......maybe it is the poppy red color that makes it good girly on the 65
  2. Well said. They look a little meaner than the 65-66. Not to mention, I just bought a 68! And, as the guy I bought if from said, "I just love the ass end of this car."
  3. Having owned or driven all "eras", I would stick with my favorite = 1967 coupe-fastback-shelby.

    Keeps the original Mustang appearance with a little more aggressive look. Also contains improvements from the original falcon/mustang frame.

    Although, I do like my 1966 fastback and I would never turndown a 1969 Mach I. By the way, after driving a 1969 Mach I and 1972 Mach I, how do you guys see out of those things (blind spots are enormous).
  4. Perhaps we should go to lunch :D www.1969boss429.com :nice:
  5. !!

    Oooooh Ooooooh pick me, pick me!!!!!!!! He doesn't like your car, so you should take me to lunch instead, I am located in Sandy, Utah when's a good time for you to come up?:D
  6. I never said I didn't like his car. Actually it is one of my favorite cars ever produced. It's a 69 too:nice: (I like the Mauder in garage also, almost a worthy replacement for the SHO).

    I just just like Boss 351s better...

    The fact is the Boss 351 was the fastest stock gen 1 Mustang, many people consider them more comfortable and better handling than earlier stangs, & I think they are better & more agressive looking.
  7. Hey 4MuscleMachines, What should we do about this?

    Is he talking pink slips here? :D

    My previous statement can be backed up by published works of non-fiction..
  8. :stick: If we do lunch with him, we'll need to pick him up since our 351 Boss cars would have already eaten his early for breakfast!
  9. Well, I truthfully have not made a 1/4 mi pass with the upgrades,but when I bought it in 1969 I put on headers,some distributor work,and borrowed some slicks and ran a 12.48 at 116 mph.The engine now dynos at 600 hp so if I can get it to hook up I'm thinking 10's. What do you think!! Personally,I like the Boss 351's but you could have also gotten a 429SCJ in 1971.There is still no substitute for cubic inches! Its unfortunate that Ford had to detune all the really good engines.If they had offered a dual quad option in 1969 nothing would have gotten by a stock Boss 429. Just my 2 cents ( And you should here this thing sing at 7000 rpm):nice:
  10. Just having some fun 69Boss429, I truly like your car...you have to always respect a 429 whether stock or modified, respect it not only performance wise but moreso for its heritage and $$. Mine traps in the high 11's @ typically 118's on an old set of drag radials.
  11. No prob!! I like them all,but I am out of garage space.I consider myself fortunate to have been able to buy the Boss new and hang onto it.In 1969 there were muscle cars everywhere and we raced all the time.The Boss held its own back in the day and it was a lot of fun.Today I wouldn't dare street race it today,but I might bolt on a set of traction masters and some drag radials just to get it into the 10's for bragging rights .:nice:
  12. A 429 SCJ was next on my list, and then the muscle car market took off and priced me out of a muscle car collection (I'm glad I bought the boss first!) It is pretty well known however that the Boss351 was a bit quicker on the street than the 429CJ/SCJ back in the day. It really is a shame that they undercarbed the Boss9, I agree that a dual quad would have been devastating. I would love to see dual quads on the Boss 351, and 429 SCJ also!
  13. I also think it would have been cool to see a 69 or 70 Boss 351!

    Maybe I should build one...
  14. "big body" lover #6!!!
    1973 Mustang fastback baby! 4 speed! Yeah!
  15. for me it's always been the '67 becasue of Bullitt and it was my first car, purchased for $1750 senior year in college (1970) .... I'm the third owner and I still own it .... but every Mustang has its place and purpose and meaning to the owner ....