Fox What's Your Favorite Gray Interior?

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  1. I'm in the midst of restoring my interior to it's factory Titanium leather. I realize, I don't particularly like the Titanium. I've seen many different GRAY/Silver colors inside Fox bodies and I think I like the darker colors better. Does anyone have much of an opinion on the multiple gray options?
  2. Smoke grey is my favorite
  3. Black is my favorite grey.

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  4. I actually like the titanium in my 91. I have opal in my 93. It is okay, but I wouldn't choose it over the others, and since it was a 93 only color (why Ford changed it for the last year of the model run is beyond me) the parts are a little more rare.
  5. 87-89 Grey, with the tweed sport seats and big ass headrests
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  6. I'm kind of partial to my 91 titanium grey, some fresh carpet and steam cleaned seats and bam... New interior!!
  7. I like the gray interior in my 4eye but for the aero cars I like the 87-89 darker gray interiors.
  8. plus one on smoke grey
  9. I put red insets in my titanium colored seats.
  10. I like the gray tweed.
  11. 89 grey tweed with the BIG A$$ head rests lol !!!
  12. the clean kind
  13. Yes, clean is a must. I have seen way to many disgusting, dirty tweed seats. I can not stand the thought of any tweed in my car.
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