Whats your occupation?

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  1. Just curious to see what most of the stangers on here do for a living...I currently work at Rea Magnet Wire as a manufacturing tech. We make insulated copper wire for electric motors, transformers etc...in guages from 13 to 30awg. However as of april 16 after 7months of paper work and waiting Ive been accepted into the border patrol academy in Artesia,NM...FINALLY!
  2. I'm a prosecuting barrister in the UK. Sounds interesting but isn't. :(
  3. Prosecuting barrister? care to elaborate alittle?
  4. Software Analyst :rolleyes:
  5. Police Officer
  6. I'm a Employee Benefits Broker. Yep, I'm the guy that comes to your employer and let's him/her know the company's health insurance is going up by 20% again.

  7. Sales Rep for a telecommunications conglomerate.
  8. Small TV station/cameraman/editor. I have access to tons of professional camera/audio equipment yet I have no videos of my car! Just don't like bringing my work home.
  9. New car sales for Volkswagen
  10. Well, for the time being I am a purchasing manager for a small chemical company but I'm waiting for them to draw up a severance package for me. Not sure what I want to get into next but the petro-chem industry is booming in the Houston area so I shouldn't have a problem finding a job even if it is in procurement again.
  11. General Sales Manager for a Ford/Saab/Isuzu dealership in Connecticut..
  12. IT Specialist Instructor, U.S. Government
  13. Physicist
  14. um, College student at University of South Florida

    Soon to be financial advisor for 1 of 3 companies i am interviewing with. ( hopefully)
  15. I work in Crash Safety for a company that preps and crashes all of Ford Motor Co vehicles. I actually worked for Ford for 28 years and took the buy-out package last year and went to work for the supplier doing basicly the same work. It's neet seeing all the vehicles 2 or more years before they actually get to the public.
  16. Sales rep for an IT consulting firm.
  17. Tier 3 IT tech in for the Army (Im on the army too)
  18. Information Technology - Systems Analyst :nice:
  19. :D :D
    Any generalities on what the 2010 Mustang looks like? :D