Whats your occupation?

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  1. =The Tint guy... :nice:
  2. Engineering is booming right now - all the firms are hiring. If you really want to get back into engineering, just start looking.

    I myself am a mechanical engineer who works mainly on oil and gas projects.
  3. The main problem I'm facing is that larger companies (I prefer them for various reasons) tend to have recruiting cycles for college hires/entry level positions, and nearly all have finished recruiting for that at this point. Plus, unless you have a recruiting contact, such as from a career fair, it is difficult to get your application looked at by the large companies. I'm not miserable in my job now, so I don't mind waiting til the right opportunity comes along, but I'd like to make the switch sooner rather than later while the education is still relatively fresh in my mind.
  4. Director of Creative Services / Art Director for an Interactive Design Agency. I manage the creative team, art direct most projects and also am senior designer. I have been in the web design / development business for 12 years. I make websites look pretty :)

    Here is one of the latest sites I did the design for, you guys will like it ;-)
  5. Retired Civil Servant - 35 years of useful, interesting work as a question answerer (one per customer, please!).

    Apprentice motorsports historian.
  6. Professional: Webmaster/writer for CBS television
    Personal: Screenwriter
  7. ^ Best jobs so far ^ :D
  8. I work for Jeppesen Marine selling electronic charts for recreational boating. Lots of road duty at boat shows and dealer open houses. Probably travel close to 100 days a year.
  9. Try this combo: IT guy for a state Farm Bureau.
  10. I work for kohler co. check your toilet, may be from them.

    By this fall should be a doctor. "which means a supercharger soon"
  11. I'm the largest producer of methane in Virginia.
  12. Parts Counterperson for Ford dealership for the last 5 1/2 yrs
  13. Thats good!:nice:
  14. i work at the prototype plant for ford motor company and currently we are working on mustangs and 4 other cars.i cannot give any information on the car even though i would like to, and from what i have seen you will not be disappointed .
  15. i have just over 19 years with the company and i love my job were you here in allen park , michigan?

  16. Dude, Cimmerons the way to go. :nice:
  17. How about doing this as a survey with many general categories, engineer, educator, factory worker, something like that, so we can see overall what categories we fit into??
  18. Gunnery Sergeant
    Infantry, U.S. Marine Corps.
  19. Personally I'm a retired and I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for working to support my Social Security benifits. Keep up the good work!

    Vote for whom ever you want because it doesn't matter to me, they all want to give me money. LOL :rlaugh:

  20. Tried Bean-o?