Whats your occupation?

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  1. Electrical Engineer
  2. Aircraft Mechanic for the Dept. of the Air Force
  3. hsean,
    We were prepping the prototypes off site in Dearborn Heights and testing them at the crash barrier inside the Dearborn test track.
  4. well i own http://www.alienartstattoo.com , and work as an illustrator for osirus shoes, tattoo johnny,kingpin,diversified,etc,etc,etc... so basically i put in around 29 hrs a day..uuugh
  5. seeking new employment & enjoying my free time to humping my 5.0 && browsing on here =]
  6. Bar Owner / Dept manager for Lowes
  7. Sergeant Army National Guard Infantry. I just got back from Iraq 3 weeks ago and I have already bought a 05 GT Convertible!!!!!

    Full time Criminal Justice Student (nights).

    I also work full time at Comcast in the sales dept.

  8. IT support at Travelers Insurance also hopefully a flight instructor soon for a side job (a fun one though).
  9. Senior Systems Engineer for a telecommunications company
  10. Physical Therapist--where are all of the healthcare workers?
  11. Industrial Chemist

    From the looks of these professions, Im glad Im not the only one that FINALLY has the money to have the car I wanted when I was 20:rlaugh:
  12. Graphic/Web Designer

    Personal site, www.rogeliorivera.com

    Edit--> Thank you to those who are in or have served in the U.S. Military.
  13. - Architect, both commercial and residential
  14. Right of Way Agent for the Texas Department of Transportation
  15. 26 year letter carrier
  16. Wow

    I feel pretty small with all the great jobs every one has. I am just a local truck driver. I have to put aside $100.00 every week out of my pay check just to make my 07 GT's monthly payment :D

    But I MAKE the payment and have a great time. :nice:
  17. Truck Driver that delivers food = my screen name Grocery Money.:D
  18. Long distance trucker. Avg125-175k miles per year. Accident and ticket free for the last 15 years.