What's your recommendation on a 1 piece spark plug for an 05 GT

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  1. I’m about to wake my 05 GT from her winter slumber and figure I’ll change the spark plugs while getting her ready to go back on the road. For those of you that have changed the plugs, what has been your experience with the 1 piece replacements? I want to order plugs on line in the next week.
  2. As far as I know there are only 2 one piece plugs for the early design heads, Brisk and Champion. I wouldn't put Champion plugs in my lawn mower much less my Mustang. I have run Brisk plugs in mine but I prefer the Ford plugs. There are lots of complaints about the Brisk plugs and I wouldn't recommend them. As long as you install them with a little anti-seize and don't leave them for 50,000 miles you shouldn't have a problem with 2 piece plugs.

  3. I have never cared for Champion Plugs, but... At around 70,000 miles I went ahead and put them in mine. I'm at 140,000 miles now and they are still working great. I'll replace them with another set of Champion 7989's.
  4. E3 also apparently has a 1-piece plug for our cars now. There's a thread over on AFM about it.
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  5. Seems the E3 part number is E3.70. $9.99 to $12.99 the places I looked online. Local parts stores might not have it, but give them the part number and see.
  6. I just got a set of 8 Motorcraft OE plugs for my '07 GT from American Muscle for 69.95, free shipping, no sales tax (for MI anyway, not sure about IL). They seem to be gtreat to work with too:nice:
  7. Thanks for the info. I bought from Rock Auto for about the same price. The plugs were less but they tacked on shipping. I hope to swap the plugs this weekend.
  8. I did the plugs Saturday. 3 of them broke despite soaking in choke cleaner for an hour. I should have let is sit overnight. I picked up the lisle tool and removed the broken tips, no problem. By the time I did the third one I had it down to a 5 minute job. There was so much choke cleaner in the engine that I had a hard time getting to engine to fire after I put everything together. When it did it threw out a cloud of white smoke that would make James Bond proud, lol.
  9. Make sure you blow out the socket with compressed air before you pull the plugs. Deep dirt collects there and can get into the engine. Use antiseize when you put the new plugs in. Good luck.