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  1. my car doesnt deserve a turntable... :nonono:
  2. Impressive!
  3. IF only I was independently wealthy
  4. ^ lol... Nice Garages tho..
  5. Goodness, that's ridiculous.
  6. that thread never dies lol
  7. Hey........ Who's been in my garage......
  8. gay rich people.
  9. Wow.....talk about money....
  10. i like watermelon. i like the seedless ones
  11. :nonono:
  12. Im not the one who started the watermelon craze. Its been going on years before I was born.


    Check that out, came out in 1970, called WATERMELON MAN, about a white guy who woke up black the next day.

    Go shake your head at someone who cares. Some people need to get a sense of humour and take the sideways-Sh1t-stick out of their old fashioned ass.