Wheel Dilemma - Legendary Wheel LW90


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Jan 10, 2021
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Have a 1969 mustang coupe grande. Next step is wheels. The wheels I want are the Legendary Wheels LW90 15x7. I really wanted to get them through Discount Tire so they could measure and fit the wheel to make sure there would be no fitment issues. But Discount Tire can't get them so I'd be buying them blind from CJ Pony Parts which seem to be the best price. Here's the specs:
Wheel LW90-50754B Information:
- Size: 15" x 7"
- Lugs: 5 x 4.5"
- Finish: Charcoal with Machined Lip
- Offset: +6.9mm
- Backspacing: 4.25"

The only thing I've done to the rear is add a bigger leaf spring that raises the back a little. Was gonna put a taller tire with some more meat on the rear. Has anyone ever run these on their 1969? It says on the CJ website that they will fit, but I know returning rims because they don't fit will not be a pleasant thing. These are the only rims I truly fell in love with for the car.

Thanks in advance for the advice. And yes I've seen the fitment guide for the mustangs and technically they should fit. But technically the bolt on exhaust kit I bought should have fit for the tri y headers I bought and that didn't work out so well. And header bolts that should have fit for the headers should have fit but that didn't work out so well. Looking for people that have experience with the rim or rim size and tell me about their issues or that they had no issues. Don't want to make a $700 mistake.
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Sep 30, 2006
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4.25" backspacing fits many vintage mustangs...but I doubt anyone can truly tell you unless they run them. That style wheel must be what the 2005 Mustang v6 wheels were meant to emulate:


For reference...these are 05 v6 wheels with 215/55/16 tires using 1.5" adapters...the 05 wheels have a 5.75" backspacing...which means this would be the equivalent 4.25" backspacing. I would expect your fitment to be similar with something like a 60 sidewall. Theoretically your wheels should fit fine..worst case scenario you might have to play with tire size.

P.S. One of the advantages to late model wheels is the ability to swap out spacer/adapters to be able to fit as needed....but equal disadvantages because tire shops refuse to install the wheels with adapters or spacers....its a good thing I have no trouble installing my own wheels.