1. So i got a stock 87 GT. Been working on it for the past month or so and the next thing im thinking of adding are some wheels. Don't think ill be adding any hoods,diff wings etc so i kind of want the wheels to standout. Was thinking some typical chrome cobras but i want something different. Any suggestions? Not opposed to a 5 lug swap either.
  2. Wheel choices are like color choices. Asking for help with either will get you a bazillion different "recommendations". There are also a million different pics of aero nose cars w/ every possible wheel choice imaginable already mounted, so it's simply just a matter of how much searching you want to do.
    You already know (from your OP) that your choices will be limited as long as you have 4 nuts holding your wheels on.

    Try typing this in your browser, and see what happens:

    1.Pics of fox mustangs
    2. fox mustang pics
    3. fox mustang wheel pics

  3. I'm liking the SVE Drift for a change from the typical five spoke wheels that everyone seems to run. I know why they do, nothing else seem to find a just-right fit onto a Foxbody.

    That said, go over to Late Models Restoration's Gallery page and take a look at a couple cars there that are running the Drifts. Particularly the one with Black Drifts. I personally would not run black for two reasons, One: being they are dirt magnets and on Drifts, will be awful to clean and Two: Visibility is hard enough at night, and with black wheels it make it just that much worse.

    Five lug conversion is almost a must for better wheel choice. Your 87 has the smaller dia fender openings so that will be something to consider when choosing 17" or 18" dia wheels. If you are up for the task, you could find another set of fenders from a 1991 - 93 mustang and swap them out. You will also need the black fender wells I believe - though yours may make the stretch, research this.

    If you plan to lower the car, wheels choice may be a factor; 18" wheels often have interference issues.

    Hope this helps. Get back with me if you need more info.

    BTW, I am attempting to put silver Drift on my 1986 - same fender openings as yours but different K-member geometry. I don't plan to lower my car....
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  4. @1200gt thanks for the post. Just the kind of info i was looking. As for the fender swap is it difficult?
  5. I love the 98 cobra wheel on a GT and at 8" wide it should fit with little to no drama.
  6. If you stay 4lug I like the chrome cobra r's but I'm biased;)
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  7. I almost went cobra r's on my 95 but went 03 cobra instead. On the fox I have painted pony's. I think I'm gonna stick w em.

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  8. I'd like to know as well how this goes because I'd love to put drifts on my 88 Vert
  9. I had the drifts, they looked nice on my car they are a deal too, just a little heavy.
  10. Like the link below, really like them with the perimeter (grooves, flanges??) on them. <---what is that called btw

  11. Idk what they call that. I've seen those before and like them also. I already had mine so wasn't going to change just for the extra "beauty marks". I really would like to go 5 lug for some more choices. If I did I would go all in on some true forged rims. Idk I just like cobra rims. I personally never get tired of seeing them on fox bodies(unlike weld draglites)
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  12. My next set will have those on them, they look awesome :nice:
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  13. If i do get Cobra's i think id get the 03's. I like that they're fatter than other Cobra's.
  14. 03 cobra image.jpg image.jpg
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  15. I'm still a sucker for deep dish fr500's...
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  16. So for the wheel rubbing issue should i get wheel/tires small enough that they dont rub or steering rack limiter ive read about?
  17. Wheels/tries of course. W the rack limiter it'd be like trying to turn a dump truck around in parkinglots.
  18. Yikes. So are 18's in the front out of the question? Or is tire width more the problem?
  19. I had a White 92 SHO with white Slicer wheels.... Man I love that color combo!
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  20. From my investigations about going with 5lug 18" wheels it depends on a few things.
    #1 which spindles you run(96-04 or 94-95) the 96+ space them outwards a little more cutting down on clearance
    #2 your rim selection/tire combo ie width of tires/back spacing of rim and also which brakes you are running
    #3 which year mustang you have because the earlier ones have slightly smaller openings