1. Sharp ain't it
  2. 17x9 w 255 up front and 275 in the rear if you wanna go staggered is a pretty decent sized combo. I think the 17" would give you a better ride than 18". I'm no expert but it seems like tire choice would have a lot to do with fitment
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  3. I've never seen wheels like mine before & still like the look with the lug nuts hidden behind the center cap. Wish they were 17's & not 16's, since my preferred tire size is no longer available. Standard height tires will rub the fender skit, only on the driver's side at full lock in one direction, only.
  4. I'm kind of biased on deep dish fr500s as well but they weigh as much as boat anchors. I would look for original 35th anniversary wheels, steeda ultra lites, and 90s roush rims.

  5. not for your powa!
  6. 98 Cobra wheels ( my fav FoMoCo wheel )

    10th anny Cobras

    03 Cobras

    SVE Drifts

    Current TF wheels.

    It is wild how wheels change the look of the whole car. good luck with whatever you pick
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  7. yup the wheels changes it for sure:nice:
  8. Damn I love your car Grover! Those true forged wheels are some bad mammajammas:drool:
  9. What's a good tire size for a fox w 16"?
  10. My fav. Super sharp
  11. Thanks for the pics grover. You guys like chrome or silver on green foxes?
  12. Chrome on green
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  13. ^^x2 chrome
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  14. Chrome or polished on most. Shiny wheels- forever a classic. Silver is ok, anything but black.
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  15. Here's my Tire Chart
    225/50-16 & 245/50-16 are available
    225's for 7" wide wheel, 245's for 8" wide wheel.
    245/45-16 are mine, now. Turns out they were also the preferred size for a Porsche 944.
    One of the few street tires is Bridgestone Potenza RE-11 at $210/ea.
    Another is Primwell PZ900 at $85/ea.
  16. Looking on google for green foxes with chrome wheels seen this.

  17. Too bad there's not a dislike button
  18. I'm runnin primewells now on my fox. how wide are the stock 16" pony's do you know?
  19. stock pony is 7"