Wheel Hop Fix

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  1. I'm new to the IRS game so how do I reduce or eliminate the wheel hop?
  2. The BMR cradle lock out kit works wonders.
  3. Don't know if you tried to attack the problem yet, but I just installed the Steeda IRS bushing kit. So far so good. I don't know if it got rid of the wheel hop but the car feels more planted. Don't really notice a difference in ride (Using the Red Bushings). Others have complained their GT feels like a PP GT after installing the Red Bushing.
  4. I finally got a hard acceleration in.. with the 80 durometer bushings I'm still experiencing wheel hop. I've got my vertical links in the mail, I'll see if it helps. I guess my next test night will be racelegal here in S.D.
    I've got the lock out kit in the house, little afraid to throw those on
  5. Does that require drilling or cutting or anything like that?
  6. No, it's a true bolt in. I can't use it, the convertible has a brace where the lock out arm bolts on. With out the arm it's just poly bushings, and they don't help much to stop wheel hop. I've been looking at the ford racing aluminum bushings, they stop all movement of the cradle and can be used with the vert.
  7. Just got my '17 GT PP back from the shop where they installed BMR's IRS cradle lockout as well as the Progressive springs from Steeda. So far so very, very good... The ride feels much "flatter" for lack of a better word (a lot closer to my '13 BRZ but without the ride bumpiness). No wheel hop on my one test peeling off at the light, entering the freeway (where I used to get it all the time). The springs also greatly reduced the nose dive on hard braking making me feel a lot more in touch with the car. And, most importantly, I'm easily clearing my driveway bump as well as every speed bump I encountered since!

    Note that the install was apparently trickier than anticipated since they had to order some hardware directly from Ford to replace some one-time-use bolts, nuts, etc that were holding the stock parts.
  8. That's kinda crazy about the install. My lockout kit is still in the box, I haven't touched it yet. I'm hoping that the bushings and the vertical links are enough to stop wheel hop
  9. I think I'm the only person without wheel hop and stock suspension. I drive this thing hard, track it, power shift it. Still no wheel hop. Even before I added the blower I never noticed any wheel hop. When are y'all experiencing it? Part throttle launching ?
  10. I get it when I accelerate hard. The rear seems to kinda bounce. After adding the bushings and vertical links it has been drastically reduced.
    With traction control on, I don't think it's wheel hop as much as I think the computer is kicking in