Drivetrain Wheel hop

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  1. My mechanic friend got my gear situated for me. While he was at it, i asked him to adjust my upper control arms and set my pinion angle. I installed them at stock length. All poly bushings, and i don't know what he set the angle at. However, i know have violent wheel hop when i punch it from a roll. This did not happen before the adjustment. No quads on the car, and i know their intended purpose, so i may buy some more. But, is it too much positive or negative angle thats causing my wheel hop? I need to make some adjustments, just not sure which way to go.

    Also, after reading over old posts, some suggest that the wheel hop is now just amplified because of the increased traction capabilities. Is this BS? I seem to think so and that it is the angle causing problems.
  2. Do you have a pinion snubber? That is the only upgrade I have on my suspension ( besides bushings ) huge difference. No more hop. Keeps the angle right and the drive train in line.
  3. Snubber might help, but i would double check the pinion angle first. Grab an angle finder and I would like to see the pinion on yours @ -3 degrees
  4. Multiple potential causes.

    Incorrect pinion angle
    Poly bushings
    Lack of quad shocks

    Measuring and checking pinion angle and installing quads might be your solution

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  5. Yeah, i have read alot of the same stuff. I believe it is pinion angle because i had no wheel hop before the adjustment. Have had the poly bushings, no quad shocks, for a while, with no wheel hop.