Wheel lug nut torque check

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  1. If you haven't checked the torque on your wheel lug nuts, I recommend that you do so. At 650 miles I finally got around to performing the recommended 500 mile check on my 2010 Shelby. I found nuts under-torqued at each position; the rear wheels were the worst. The job requires a torque wrench capable of more than 100 foot-pounds, a 13/16 deep socket or a standard socket with an extension (six point recommended over the 12 point socket), and the wheel key for any wheel locks you may have. I got a 1/2'' drive wrench at Auto Zone for around $40 and the deep socket for $6.
  2. 1 week after i installed new wheels and tires i re-torqued my wheels, and after i put another 500 on them i will check them again...better safe then sorry...
  3. All that info, but no torque spec.

    I torque mine to 105-110ftlbs.
  4. Wheel lug torque check

    The specified torque for my 2010 Shelby is 100 foot-pounds. This is stated in my owner's manual supplement.

    Since you use different values, perhaps each person should determine theirs for themselves. I assume you can reference an authority for the values you use.
  5. One of many references:

    Mustang Torque Specifications Specs

    There is also a thread in the 2005-2009 section here on Stangnet that says the same thing. 85-105 ftlbs. However, since I dont have a long, deep socket, I have to use a 4" extension in order to torque down my wheels. I account for the inaccuracy of my torque wrench using this extension by torquing down to 105-110.
  6. Wheel lug torque check

    Using an extension and a standard socket has no effect on the torque applied--it will be as you have set it on the wrench. Only when you lengthen the torque wrench--such as when using a crowsfoot--is it necessary to compute the correct toque. Reference: Crowsfoot with torque wrench. What is the math?
  7. Actually, there is some give/twist in the extension. With the added connections, there is a little bend (usually) also.