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  1. About 2 weeks ago I put the Weld Aluminum wheels back on the Pony. Took a trip yesterday and got a lot of vibration when I went over 55, I could stand it at 61, but on the Interstate, 72 was pretty rough. I stopped at the Tire shop that I bought my tires at and they rebalanced them, but it was still no good. They said my wheels were out of round like from hitting a pothole, etc. They had some hop in them.

    I put the 10 holes back on with the 215/60's and all is smooth again. I don't know what to do. I liked the new wheels, but I am thinking they were too "blingy" or shiny for my Pony.

    I am also out the $400 I spent on them, but can't really honestly sell them with this problem. Maybe I can sell them for aluminum scrap :rolleyes:

    I am thinking seriously of getting pony's for it in the future and reuse the 16" tires, but not sure of anything yet.

    Has anyone heard of a machine that puts roadforce on the wheels so that they can be balanced?
  2. I've heard of "road force" balancing and it's supposed to be a better method, but I've never had it done myself. I don't believe anyone around here does it.

    BTW when I took my tempo in to have tires put on it (with the stock steelies) they told me all four rims were bent, but the car drove fine with no vibration. Then one day I got a flat, they plugged it, and now I get a vibration somewhere in the neighborhood of 65-75 mph from whatever end of the car that tire is on. They rebalanced them twice and then put that tire on the back so my steering wheel wouldn't shake :rolleyes:

    I would think they could actually balance the damn thing even with a plug in it.
  3. I called the place that balanced them 2 weeks ago and asked them if they had a road force machine. They said they did. I asked them why they didn't use it and they said did you ask for it. I said no, I told them I didn't even know it existed until 2 days ago. Kinda hard to ask for something if you don't know it exists :mad: So I am taking the wheels/tires back by there this afternoon and see what they say. I'm thinking that when they balanced them they should have known something wasn't quite right. I'm giving them one more chance to make it right. Getting kind of old haulin them over there and then putting them back on car to check. This will probably be the last time I try them again.
  4. Just got the wheels back on, took me 25 minutes this time. I think I may have to try out for a pit crew :rlaugh: Took it out for a test drive. Slow speeds don't seem to have the hop that it had before. Got it up to 72 (in a 55 :shrug: ) and it seemed to be a lot smoother. The shop used the Hunter GSP9700 RoadForce Machine. It's like a $17,000 machine that the owner said they don't use unless the customer asks them to use it. It does cost more than a regular balance. Ended up costing me $64; initial balance and roadforce together.

    The machine puts a load on the tire and then tells the tech which way to turn the tire on the wheel to balance the highs of the tire with the lows of the wheel, making it truer.

    Only time will tell, but I'm hoping it will stay good for a while.
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    Hey, I did the locator and there are 3 places within 25 miles of Burton WV that have it.
    I-79 HONDA
    MOUNT MORRIS, PA 15349
    Phone: 724-324-5631

    1625 E HIGH ST
    WAYNESBURG, PA 15370
    Phone: 724-627-8287
    Approx. 18 miles from your location.

    RR 1 BOX 215
    Phone: 304-455-6266