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  1. New guy here.

    Question: When changing to a larger circumference tire, will acceleration and/or top speed change? :shrug:

    Why would people change to larger tires if its going to slow them down?

    Thanks for any explanations or opinions on the matter.
  2. As far as being quicker or slower off the line, a smaller diameter tire will be quicker. I would assume, but have never tested myself, that the larger diameter tire will increase your top speed. One reason to change to a larger diameter tire, and probably a good argument right now, is for fuel mileage. The larger diameter the tire, the less revolutions per mile it will make. I guess it will depend on how much larger you go over stock as to what kind of gains you will see. Hope this helps you out!!
  3. Thanks. :nice:

    A popular tire chain told me different. My instructor (im a p/t auto tech student)

    agrees with you. I just wanted a second opinion and more if anyone has one.
  4. Using a taller tire is like installing higher gears and vice versa. A taller tire=less take off and more top end, shorter tire=quicker take off and less top end, more rpm.
  5. I know I'm wrong and I accept that, but my thinking goes like this:

    3 : 1 first gear and 3 : 1 gears. Overall ratio is 9 : 1. A taller tire would cover

    more distance per revolution.

    Like I said I'm wrong, I just don't understand why. :shrug: