Mach 1 wheel spacers ???

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by mach186, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. Ok,, next...
    ANy1 have wheel spacers on their car? any pics?
    What size looks good. But is not to much change?
    I dont want my wheels sticking way out..
  2. I tried some 1" spacers with the stock wheels on the Mach. Click on My Garage and you can see the picture, the one with the Mach wheels is with the spacers. I used the M&M hub-centric style but in order to work with the Mach1 wheels you have to cut about 3/8" off the axle studs for them to work. This is because the stock studs stick out further than the 1" thickness of the spacers and there is not a recess for them to go into on the stock wheels.
  3. I cant seem to get to any of your pics....???
  4. Humm, you should be able to if you are logged in and clicking on My Garage below my avatar. Either way, here is a shot with the spacers on.
  5. That looks good.. not to much...
    what size are those? and by whome?
  6. Hey hotrodnut, what is that pic of in your garage thats under the hood? I see a Steeda logo on there...... what is it for?
  7. They are the Maximum Motorsports (actually boxed as H&R) 1" Hub-centric spacers.
  8. Those are the Caster Camber plates used to get the front suspension geometry tweaked to perfection. Steeda calls them "7075 Aluminum 4-bolt Caster Camber Plates" part number 555-8095 and can be used on the 94-04 Mustangs according to their Catalog. :nice: