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  1. I am slumped, but I diggin the satin/machined 03 cobras, but may be interested in other wheels, so give me suggestions and pictures please.

    Car is a 97, black/black interior
    Cobra front emblem,
    Going to be lowered eventually too

    I honestly want to keep the mudflaps on it too if possible...
    (Grandpa car, 68k miles)

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  2. I would suggest using the round wheels. They seem to work best. :nice:

    Ok really... The wheels you have on the car above are one of my favorite OEM wheels ever to come out for a Mustang. My suggestion would be to take them to a wheel repair outfit, have them stripped, polished to a high gloss, and coated.

    03 Cobra wheels? :chin Gee, that's never been done before. :D
  3. S
    Squat about the athracite bullet with polished lip?
  4. I don't understand. :scratch:
  5. Woops, *what about the anthracite bullet wheels with polished lip*
  6. Those are what I have, and I do love them, but they are super common around here anyway.
  7. Troofs... and honestly? If I didn't have a big brake upgrade to back up a wide open wheel like that, I wouldn't install the wheel.

    What's the width on the OEM wheels you have? Are they 7s or 8s? What I'm thinking about is maybe a set of DRs to set off the wheels that you have. 9 inches would be awesome but I doubt seriously that they're that wide.
  8. My .02 would be any of the following, no particular order:

    1). Black chrome 03/04 cobra wheels
    2). bullitt style wheels ( I have chrome on my 96 gt convertible, 17x9 & 17x10.5)
    3). keep the stock OEM wheels. they were some of the best looking to ever come on a mustang.
  9. Overdone

    Also played out

    This would be awesome and I have to agree except for the narrow wheel size for the rears. :(
  10. Black with polished lip TSW Valencias. Supa hot :cool:
  11. Black chrome FR500s
  12. I've got chrome Saleens and I love the stying on this bodystyle. I know overdone but I still prefer them. On new edges Bullitt wheels are overdone, but I think they actually look ok on our body styles. I think the new wheels from LMR would look sweet or as someone said the TSW offerings would look sweet.

    Eventually I will be upgrading to forged pieces but for now I am happy with the Saleen look:


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  13. Can't go wrong with 18" chrome Saleens.
  14. Just say no to black wheels.
  15. I thought the car was going to stay stock? :D