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  1. i have a v6.

    verry happy.

    i see alot of 17 in wheels from gt's on ebay.

    will thet fit no problem?

    lug nuts?



    i apologze for this dumb question
  2. I think the speedo is minimally effected. They fit no problem, and you can just reuse your old lugnuts i believe.
  3. Direct swap. Ive got them on mine.
  4. They fit no problem

    Lug nuts are the same

    Spedo is unaffected

    Nothing rubbs

    The added bonus is that the car rides better
  5. Swapped mine:

    Same shoes, different car....mine:

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  6. did my wifes 05 with 2001 ford racing black bullits (lowered with eibach pro kit)

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  7. Black rims on a white car look pretty good, only thing I dont like is the lower body stripe, but that is an easy fix right?
  8. i agree, i just added the tri-bar pony emblem on the front fenders and the stripe MUST go
  9. Great Set Of Shoes!!!

    Those are some beautiful wheels, man! WOW! But I have to go out on a limb and say that I actually like the lower body stripe. I have a black one on my Windveil Blue Pony and the effect is rather subtle and, in my opinion, tasteful. I think that it will complement my racing stripes rather nicely. That being said, different strokes for different folks!!

    I just have to say again how sharp those wheels look on your car! The black and chrome really set off an already gorgeous ride, especially when coupled with the lowering kit. You have inspoired my next appearance mod (after stripes and louvers).....
  10. I have them on mine too, love them and they perform great with the Pnero's. The bullit wheels give it that classic look. :nice:
  11. Ok, I cleaned it up a little, the stripes are gone.

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  12. Looks much better, just my .02.
  13. WOW!! What a difference. I LUV IT!!
  14. Whocares -
    Beautiful man. The car looks so much better without that stripe. Much cleaner. Excellent taste my friend.
  15. hey thanks you guys, i think it looks much better as well. my wife wants stripes on the car so i'm toying with a few different ideas
  16. That looks great man :).

    I'm so jealous of the people with the white cars. I love black, but its too hard to keep it from looking like someone attacked it with a brillo pad.
  17. any chance the GT rockers bolt up? i hate these black ones!

  18. Tell me about it. I also have an 03 cobra that is black and this is how it spends 99.9 peercent of its life:

    Here is a pic with the cover off

    And both together

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  19. I had a black SVT Focus and a black Honda S2000 and I love the look when they are fully detailed. You just can't beat the depth of shine you can get on a great black finish.

    However, after my S2000, I swore as much as i like them, I will never ever do black again. I just spent way too much time stewing over the dust and swirls and spots and it took me twice as long to get that terrific look as it does now with my white 05 'Stang.

    Some cars look ho-hum in white and some were made to look good in white. I think the new style mustang is one of those that just looks great dressed in white. I sure like mine and I spend less than half the time getting it to look good as I did my SVT Focus and S2000.

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