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  1. I had a set of M/T 28/10.5/15 w 1/2 alum spacers...fit and looked great...didnt get to road test em...im assuming they would be ok if i kept under 250mph...haha...lookin to put 18-20s on the rear and 18 in the front...
  2. I see everyone posts they use a 26 or 26.2. Is trying to fit a 27 totally outa the question. Also with 5/8 narrower tubular uppers what backspace u think I could get on a 15x7 bassett steel rim for up front
  3. I don't see any pictures?
  4. Ill get pics up soon.
  5. sorry OT I know: What I have done in my MII's for EFI is take a 5"x5" square around the fuel "tower" of an '87-93 Fox tank, pump stand and all, then have the local radiator/tank shop weld/graft the Fox tower right over the breather vent hole above the deepest part of the MII tank. I keep the MII level sender at the bottom, weld the OE gravity feed nipple on bottom closed. 255l/hr in tank pump, good to go. now you can get really fancy and have them braze on some 3/8" and 5/16" adapters to -8an feed and -6an return and use the OE 5/16" hard line on the frame rail as your "return" and run a fresh -8an (1/2") feed line to the front. SEFI fuel system plumbing 101...LOL
  6. I'm with manny on this one... My KC has Heidts full tubulars front (no strut rod), QA-1 coil over conversion, I can't remember the name of the brake kit. Granada + Ford calipers from a Linclon, pushes the front out 1/2" each side. Out back Detroit comp leaf springs, SSM Bars, custom bushings, 3/4" lowering blocks, '67-70 mustang 8" housing which is 2.25" wider overall flange to flange. Custom 10" rear disc brake kit with Lincoln rotors and calipers w/parking brakes .


    I'm running the 17x9 '95 GT split three spokes front w/245/40/17 and 17x9.5" Cobra R rear w/275/40/17.. rear quarters are fully trimmed/rolled. No rub front or back.

    For those looking for max meat out back: a simple, cheap swap to the bolt in '67-'70 8" rear housing, have the axles redrlled for 5-lug if needed, gets you 1 1/8" of backspace with out spacers on rear and gets you closer to more "modern" offsets/backspacings.

  7. Mmm, I'll have to dispute this one. I won't dispute the rear because of your unique suspension, but up front, first the '95 GT 3-spokes are 17x8 (I run those front and rear) and I have 245/40/17's on them myself. You will definitely experience rub and out-right binding without removing some sheet-metal, the fender liners, and material from the inner-fender body seams. This is with the fender fully rolled. And I don't think the 1/2" of additional width from your suspension would make a difference, I have a 2" spacer and still got rub due to the height of the tire.

    A careful eye will notice my trimming of the fender opening bottom, front & rear. Fender liner removed, body seam cut down inside the well, with 2" of spacer from stock. So "fits" yes, term used very loosely.

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  8. 16x7 "pony" wheels from a fox fit with 205/55/16s all the way around with no rubbing and no adapters. IMAG0908[1].jpg
  9. Are those 5-lug my friend?
  10. Nope, good old 4-lug fox/II pattern.
  11. IMG_0737.JPG IMG_0736.JPG Trying to figure out if 4 lug Cobra wheels or 4 lug pony wheels will fit on a 76' Cobra?
  12. Pony wheels have already been established to fit earlier in this thread (four posts above yours). I can't remember for sure, but I believe Cobras were mentiones as well.
  13. I saw where someone asked if Pony wheels would fit but the response was something like "I think guys who run Pony wheels use some sort of spacers". I need to read back through everything to be sure.
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  15. I have those Welds on my 74 Ghia and hate them. The fronts make cracking noises when you put load on them like turning slowly. It's apparently a known issue with them. I have American Racing AR62 Outlaw II's with BFG T/A's saved in my Tire Rack cart ready to go.
  16. It looks like someone was doing burnouts before their "after" picture was taken..... :cool: