Wheels-Tires Wheel/tire Combos Known To Fit

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  1. Sorry, but unfortunately I don't have any pictures of just that area. Actually I don't have any real pictures of the car. I was able to copy a picture from a video I had of it. The picture is in the picture tread list, near the end. Oh, and the measurements on the sportsman pro tires are a little miss leading, they actually measure the same as a 26 x 8.5 slick. When I took the sportsman pros off, I replaced them with 245/65/15's and later wished I had went with the 255's, but super shops was out of the 255's at the time. Yep I said super shops... its going on 8 years since I had that car.
    The set up I had in the car a 9" lincoln versailles rear which is the same length as the stock 8" I took out, and the wheels were 15 x 8.5 centerline autodrags with 4 7/8 back spacing. No clearance issues with the inner fender well. and no the tires did not stick out. Now my car did stand a little higher in the rear them most, but that was cause I replaced the springs with a new JC whitney set, no air shocks. And the way I found that the inner lip had to be rolled, the day I put the tires on, I had about a 1/4 tank of gas in it, I filled it up on the way home and they rubbed.... so my wheels did go into the finder wheels. As for the wheel off set, better to fudge with to much then not enough, you can always add spacers. and if you want to see a car with some meats on it, when you see my car, I listed 2, the green one has some real meats on it.

  2. does anyone know where i can get a set of those 1/2 inch spacers i have been looking all over, i got a set of pony rims from a 92 stang i would like to put on my car. only thing i can find is the 1/4 inch slip ons which i am afraid to use :)
  3. search posts by me, I started a thread about 3-4 months ago about them in here
  4. These don't fit very well :rlaugh: 255/50/17's on 17X9's They touch if you look at the car too hard. Just put them on to see what it would look like.

  5. well ihave looked all over for the 1/2 inch bolt in spacers but all i can seem to find is 1 inch anyone know if i could use a 1 inch bolt in with the 16 inch pony rims for the front was gonna use tire size 205/50/16 not sure if they would fit or not. not sure if i mentioned it earlier or not but this is for a 4 lug
  6. 16x8 Cobra Rs 15mm offset, 215/40-16s Front, 245/45-16s Rear, 1.5" spacers all around.

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  7. So 1 inch spacers would still give me enough room on all 4 tires even with the 4 lug not sure what the 92 pony rims offset are all i know is they are 16's lol

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  8. Remeber if using bolt-on spacers, they have to be at least as thick as your wheel studs are long.
  9. I move, cut or modify things to make room for the tires. One cannot let mere metal stand in the way of more contact patch!

    (285/40zr15s are being "fit" to the rear, and 255/40zr15s to the front.)

  10. +22.4mm
  11. I seem to remember seeing a set of bolt-on spacers that required the stock studs to be removed so that special bolts could attach the spacers to the rotors/axles.

  12. I know most of you are probably sick of this subject....
    But, I also would like some advice on rim & tire selection :rolleyes:

    I'm basically wanting something like Centerline drags/Cragar quick tricks/American Racing outlaws (Not a fan of the new styles at all), with BF Goodrich RWL T/A's.

    I probably don't want to convert from the 4x4.25 bolt pattern (is it complicated?), but don't mind going to a 14 or 15" rim. I think I'd actually prefer it.

    With all that in mind, what can I go with that will fill the wells as much as possible without the tires rubbing.... much? :D
  13. 255/45/17 front 274/40/17 rear. spacers on rear and the granada brake swap on the front. Rear fender lips are removed but there is room for a little more. 17X8 GT wheels.

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  14. where is a good place to get a set of those 1.5" spacers and any idea what i should pay for them?
  15. thanks for the link

    1.5" will clear the factory wheel studs correct?
  16. Yes, what wheels are you lookin at?
  17. 92 16 inch pony rims what i have are 1/2 inch slide on spacers but cannot find studs to fit. my knurl for the factory studs are .570 the closest stud i could get in 3" are .615 have been thinking of drilling new holes and using them because of money already spent, and also been thinking of cutting my losses and just doing it the right way once i save up the money to get the bolt ins. I got new rotors and kinda don't want to drill them cause if i mess up thats about 90 bucks in rotors down the tubes .
  18. I may be in a position to purchase a used set of 5-lug Cobra R 17"s, with brand new BFG 275/40s on the rear rims and 245/45s on the front rims.
    I have a '59 t-bird 9" rear in my II, and I *think* it's 1.5"-2" wider than the stock 8" rear was.
    On the front, the granada rotors are supposed to stick out 1" further than the stock rotors, so perhaps these 17s will bolt on without spacers? Hmm.
  19. The Granada rotors only stick out 1/4" further on each side. You can still do it without spacers by putting travel limiters on the steering rack or changing to a tubular upper control arm.