Wheels-Tires Wheel/tire Combos Known To Fit

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  1. Thanks for info. I've been considering the new tube uppers anyway, because they look cool, and they're lighter, so this is just another reason.

    About the (metric?) lugs on the newer Stangs.. Will those 5-lug R wheels slide right on to the older-style SAE studs of the granada rotor?
  2. How wide are the 17s? What offset are they?
  3. They're still at the junkyard, so I can't measure them and inspect them carefully yet.
    I looked them up on the net and found that they should be 9.5" wide, 24mm offset. They can't be any narrower than 9.5" or those 275/40 tires wouldnt fit properly.
  4. I think you definitely need to test fit them before you lay down any $$.
  5. I deal with wrecking yards for my job, so I got those wheels/tires/lugs so cheap, I couldnt refuse.
    From the initial testing, it looks like the front 245/45zr17s will fit relatively easily. No clue yet on the rears, I'll post info and such when I'm finished with it.
  6. Update:

    The 275/40zr17 tires on the 5-lug cobra wheels are bolted to the rear of my II.
    The outer edge of the tires are about 1/2" inboard of the stock wheel flare lip.
    There is roughly 3/8" clearance between the leaf springs/subframes and the inside edge of the tires. Not sure if side to side movement of the axle will cause the tires to bump or not. Can't test drive the car yet, as the front wheels arent fitted.
    Frankly, I'm amazed that much tire fits inside those quarter panels.

    Anyone know if 1/4" thick wheel spacers are available?

  7. The steering is pretty damn limited at the moment, using the stock-type 5 lug rotors. I'm searching for tubular uppers now. There are tons on the net, but the best deal I've found so far is from Spartan. http://www.westcentralauto.com/SRW.htm

    "These custom 1" diameter control arms are made from 7/32 wall DOM steel. They come already Powder Coated in Hi Gloss Black, or you can get them uncoated if you prefer. They are also available in a 5/8" narrower per side design for those applications where tire clearance is at a minimum! Ball joints and mounting hardware included. Featuring an extremely sturdy lower arm mounting arrangement which eliminates the strut rod. The lower arm mounts on the outside of the cross member as shown in the demo. "

    $219 a pair complete, ready to bolt on, doesnt seem bad at all.

    I'm wondering how much more room the tubular arms will give my car, especially with the extra 5/8" per side they mention.

    I think I need about a 3/8" spacer on the rear, too, because when I jack up the rear housing side to side, the inside of the tire brushes the framerail. I'll have to test with some washers behind the wheel to figure out how thick the spacers will need to be. I want them in as far as possible to avoid interference with the fender lip.

    Car looks pretty cool with 17s on it, though, and hopefully it'll handle like a beast when I finish ironing out the bugs.
  8. Crappy quality, thanks to having to take still frames from video footage. (since the digital camera is dead)


    The springs are PST custom 1" higher ride height both front and back.
  9. By the way, I bought my 5-lug stock rotors from http://www.moneymakerracing.com/ for $119, including shipping. Appear to be quality parts, Alex is a good guy to deal with, too.
  10. 26 x 10.5" ET Streets fit almost perfectly in the back on Turbine wheels. They only rubbed in one spot for me. This can be cured by using a thin spacer or massaging that one spot.
  11. My tires hit in that same spot.
  12. Hey 1badII,

    Do you have spacers on in those pics?

    How are the KYB rear shocks holding up? I bought some but haven't installed them yet.


  13. No, no spacers. The KYB's are great. Much better than the 25 year old stockers that were back there before. :D
  14. Blue Thunder, did you end up going with the tubular upper control arms?

  15. Not yet. I decided to cancel the upper arm replacement and put the project on hold until I rake up enough spare change to buy a full coil-over/tubular upper and lower/strut rod eliminator setup, because the front end(especially that strut rod setup which ruins big header clearance) is pissing me off.
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