Wheels-Tires Wheel/tire Combos Known To Fit

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  1. I'll back you up on this one

    I have to agree with dmoody on this.

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  2. So what is the appropriate backspacing for 15x7 wheels or 15x8 wheels. Is it always different?
  3. I think you're going to want around 4".
  4. Turbines

    Between me and you, people are gonna start to think Turbines were an option for the II's! HAHAHA
  5. Ok thanks
  6. I was messing with my friends wheel/tire combo, and it fit. It was a Weld Draglite wheel, 4.5" backspace, no spacers, with a 255/60/15 tire.

    It filled up the whole area really well.

    edit: i think the wheel was a 15x8 wheel.
  7. I wish CobraIIlover would post his custom backspacing!!
  8. I picked up a used set of Weld's for the back (directly from a Fox body :rlaugh: ). They are 15 x 8 with 4.5" of backspacing. The tires are 245/60/R15. No rubbing. There is more usable space on the outsides than on the insides (IMO 4" of backspacing would be optimal), but it looks like I should be able to squeeze some 255's on them. Here are a couple of links for pictures (DUW).


  9. Pics aren't working for me, but. I believe you are right. I had a set of my friends 15x8 Weld Draglites with 4.5" BS, and they had 255/60/15 BFG tires on them, and they seemed to fit well. I didn't get to road test them, but visually it looked good.

    Once I find a set for myself I'll let you know. :D
  10. Try the links now. I am attempting to use my webspace for the first time and they were no marked to share. Let me know if they are not working.
  11. I just could not wait any longer to put some sticky meats on so I went down and got some Mickey Thompson Sportman Pro 10.5 x 15 x 26. They fit great, no rubs, No rolled lips, and no hammer required. I am really liking the 15 x 8's with 4.5" backspace. I will try and get a picture posted.
  12. I will take back what I said about thinking 4" of backspacing would be better than 4.5". The extra space on the outside was really an illussion as there would not be much room left if my suspension was more relaxed or when I hit a bump. At any rate I think this is about as much as you can stuff under the rear of a II without mods. I can definetly tell they are not the BFG radials when driving as they seem a little squarally at higher speeds. Here are links to pictures.




    The bad news is I blew my wad on these rear tires and it will be longer before I can get some matching Welds for the front.
  13. All I get is sent to an error page.
  14. OK, this Yahoo BS is really pissing me off. What ever happened to the good old days when you just FTP your pictures to your webspace and create a link because all you needed to know is the file name. Instead these jackoffs give you a stupid photo album and no obvious way to get a URL for a specific picture. :bang:

    Anyhow, try using this URL to my GAY YAHOO photo album.

    http://f2.pg.briefcase.yahoo.com/[email protected]

    The ones listed with MTWeldx are with the new tires. Sorry for the problems with the urls.
  15. Sorry, I am at work and can't get to my pictures either! And I am logged in. :mad: I will have to e-mail them to you when I get home this evening.

    Anybody know how to get a direct URL for a picture in a *&%^&& Yahoo briefcase?

    I have only driven it about 15 miles since the install, but I don't see anything at this point coming up. I have not purchased the front ones yet so I could not say what would be best.
  16. I'm finishing up fitting the 17" Cobra R wheels on my II. I've removed the 3/4" outer lip from the upper control arms to make room for steering travel, and boxed the arms to add strength. I've installed moroso/arp 3" wheel studs front and rear, and am in the process of modifying 7/16" wheel spacers for proper fit.

    From my initial tests on the front setup, I will definitely be able to run 275/40zr17s on the FRONT as well as on the rear, without hitting anything, and still have sufficient steering travel. Those huge tires looked insane on the front of the II. Heh.
    It looks like I've reached the limit on tire size, without serious body flare modification.

    I have pics of the fitting process in the digital camera and will post them as soon as I can.
    As soon as this damn rain stops, I can go out and take some shots of the installed upper arms/wheel and tire relationship.
  17. Is anybody running a 255 or bigger 70-series 14" rear tire? Particularly, anyone out west? I'm having a biznatch of a time finding big back shoes. I'd like to go 255 or even 275/70's on my 14's. Right now I'm running 225/40R14's all around. And strangely, I'm running out of tread in the back. . . . ;)

    EDIT: Just found Parthos and 1WildII's posts at the beginning of this thread. I PM'd them. Anyone else? Thanks.
  18. Well, one that is proven is 245/60/14.. they aren't too bad. Other than that I haven't found a better 14" tire that's actually retrievable. I get traction from 2nd on with it, so I'm pretty happy.

    I am using the BFG Radial TAs.
  19. Where did you get them? I checked Big O, Les Schwab, and Sears. No one carries anything that big for a 14. At least, they don't stock it.