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  1. One other stupid question: Has anyone tried (or know someone who's tried) painting their Turbines black? Any pics of this? I'm thinking either black, or chrome paint. The chrome might be too blingy.
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  3. 15" Turbines

    Okay. The 225/60/15's rub in the back on the passenger side but a 2-lb. hammer takes care of it. I'm ordering a set of 1" billet aluminum wheel adapters to make the front wheels fit. When I put big meats on the back, I guess I'll have to use adapters, too. :bang:

    The turbines look nice in black, BTW.
  4. I've checked out those wheels before, I would go with the 203s because they can be had in 16" and that give you more tire choices imho.
  5. :D For those of you who have been looking for slide on solid spacers,Baer brakes makes them in a multi pattern ( 4x100: 4x108: 4x4.5 ) spacer. I just bought some this past weekend at www.bieberfever.com in Phoenix while I was there for the NHRA drags. I know the owner so I thought I would stop by and visit. They come in 1/4 1/2 and 3/4 in thickness and sold in pairs not sets of 4, and differ in price by thickness. They also carry them if you did the 5lug conversion on your II also. I will though have to have my rotors and axles redrilled for the new studs because of the larger knurl size as posted earlier. Dorman and Moroso both carry the 3in studs in 5packs. The price for making sure they dont hit anymore.I just recieved a catalog from Chassisworks that carries a bump steer kit also for the II as well as tubular a-arms. Let me know if you need the part numbers.:jaw:
  6. I know some of you have wondereed about the new American Racing Ansen Sprint wheels, well I bought some from Tire Rack (they had to special order them because they do not stock them. Anyway I cot the 15X7 wheels with BF goodrich raised whit letter T/A's in 205/60/15 in front and 245/60/15 in the rear. I will post a few pics below.


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  10. Chris,
    They look really great! They also look polished, as opposed to painted...is that possible and are they available as such now?
    I've been considering purchasing these wheels since last year when they first came out, but have been a little hesitant to order because of the 15x7 size, and not knowing how tight this might be inside to the rear springs. And I haven't had the chance to take any measurements yet.

    While I know the wheel has the preferred "0" offset that works well with the II's, the 4" backspacing just had me a bit concerned. I belive the 14x7" wheels I currently have on are a bit less than that. Seems many here run such widths (or bigger), but it's not clear from many of these forum posts how they are doing it. Was it necessary to run any spacers...and are there any clearance issues anywhere?

    Your tire size choice on the front was the same as mine, while I had figured 225/235/60 would be about it for the rear without further modifications.
    Again...looks great. This vintage wheel look is one of few that I really like on these cars. Personally, I've always felt the 14" wheels looked most proprtionate on the II's, but considering current tire and wheel availability thirty years later, 15" is fine with me now. Any input you can give would be much appreciated.
  11. Thanks, they are polished. I only had 2 issues putting them on, first was the passengers side front, when I put it on it kept pushing the center cap out, it ended up breaking a few of the tabs off but then went on fine (the real odd thing was that the drivers side had no problem at all so I am guessing that there is a tolerance stack issue between the hub and the hole in the center of the wheel). The other thing is the drivers side front rubs one of the tabs for the fender liner when you turn and hit a bump at the same time (this happens because at some point before I had the car the liner was ripped out on the driver side and 2 of the tabs are bent down closer to the wheel) I am going to try to bend it out of the way. As for any fit issue in the rear the tires seem to have plenty of space (no I do not run spacers) to the inner fender. I do have air shocks but they were down when I first installed the rims and there didn’t seem to be a problem. The cragar sst's I had on before were 13" in the front with 185/70/13 and 14" in the rear with 245/60/14 so I didn’t think there would be an issue with the 245 in the rear. Again Thanks, I love the look of these rims on the cobraII.

  12. Thanks. Now, you said that you had to "special order" them through Tire Rack. Understandable, since I see that it's not one of the AR styles they have listed and sell, and the bolt pattern would probably not be an in stock item even if they did. But how did you get them polished instead of painted? Even AR's website doesn't list them being available like that.
  13. What did tirerack charge for them?
  14. Wheels, tires, lug nuts, mounted & balenced out he door was $885. That was with local pick up (I live near South Bend). I looked at about 5 places and while the wheels themselves I could find cheaper I could find the full package under $925.

  15. Chris...
    Well, this seems a bit of a mystery regarding the finish of the wheels.

    Let me say first, that I have only seen a "silver painted" version of this wheel. That was what had me asking you about them in the first place, after seeing yours. Furthermore, it seems that an equal number of retailers of this wheel list it as being painted, opposed to those that list it as a polished wheel. In fact, the older (saved) link I'd been using to the AR website (which took me to the same catalog page your link did), states the wheel style A69 as a 1-piece painted/machined alloy....

    http://www.americanracing.com/wheel...sc=1-piece painted / machined alloy&section=V

    Yet, your link directs you to a similar page stating that it IS polished. Hmmm...

    So, it would seem, that either AR has two versions of this wheel now, or they have made a change somewhere along the line since it's introduction? Interesting too, is that in a search of sites pertaining to the Ansen Sprint wheel, I found another earlier webpage with AR's media release of the wheel's reintroduction to the market. (can't find it again now..figures)
    But, it stated the wheel as being fully poished as well.
    So, perhaps a call or email to them might be something I will have to do. Although I would purchase the wheel either way, I'd prefer it polished as opposed to painted if possible, or available.

    Lastly, wouldn't the correct order number actually be A69-5734... with the 4-41/4 bolt pattern?
  16. You are correct it is the 5734. Thats what I get for posting at 4:30 in the morning, lol.

  17. That fits with the first time I saw them last year at the Hot rod and restoration trade show in Indy sometime in March or April. The ones they had there were polished just like the ones I have.