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  1. OK, here's the deal for anyone that following Ansen Sprint topic.
    I emailed AR last night, and had a response this afternoon. Here it is...


    Thank you for your interest in American Racing!

    At this time, the Ansen Sprint wheel is only available in a fully polished finish.

    Thank you for the information about the incorrect descriptions on our website. I will make sure this is forwarded to the appropriate personnel to have the information corrected.

    Pricing and ordering information can be obtained from any American Racing retail dealer near you. If you need assistance finding a local dealer, please use the Dealer Locator on our website:


    I hope this information helps!


    American Racing
    [email protected]

    So, while it doesn't explain if there's been a change since early last year when I'd seen a painted version of this wheel, it does clear things up for me... and should for those that may be interested in ordering these wheels anytime soon, who may have had the same question.
    So, a silver star to AR for their prompt reply....and it looks like I'll be placing my order later this week.
  2. Good thing you didn't order them at 4:30 using the other stock number!:D
  3. That would have really sucked, would have been thinking why the #@%% dont the @^%&#$ fit :shrug:

  4. I have 15x8 Draglites with 4.5" backspacing on the rear of my car. With 255's, they rub the inner fender lips. I know I need the 5.5's, but hey these were free afterall.
  5. I am looking into buying these wheels. Revolution Classic 4 spokes. 14x6 with
    4" backspace. Do you think I will be able to get away with it or will I need some thin spacers??? They are $250.00 U.S a pop plus $79.20 for a set of special sleeve wheel nuts.


    They have some 5 spokes that look like they would fit too!

    English RWD Escorts have 4 x 4 1/4 bolt pattern II:D

    No one can say I didn't seach the world for wheels!!!!!
  6. Great find! I've looked at the Minilite (http://www.minilite.co.uk/) and Panasport (http://www.panasport.com/) wheels out of Europe a couple of times, but the price scared me away. They have a great 70's-80's sports car look like these that you found.

    I don't think that the 4" backspace will get you...factory is 3.75". Its the offset that you have to be careful of.

    The 15x7 Fox Mustang wheels mostly came with 12mm of positive offset. With these wheels, the MII needs about a 3/8" spacer at each wheel, maybe more if you use a 60 series tire or one wider than 225 width.

    If you can get these in 5mm or less positive offset (0 is factory) and aren't going to run a really big tire, you could probably skip the spacers.

    If these are essentially custom made and have to be imported from Great Britain, I'd consider a getting 5th wheel and extra center caps.

    Here's some other possibilities:

    Eagle Alloys (http://aewheel.com/) still advertises their Series 028, 203, 206, and 218 in 4-4.25", 15x7, 0 offset, and 4" backspacing.

    Koenig (http://www.konigwheels.com/catalog_product_details.cfm?CategoryID=1&ss_id=405) still makes a 15x7 wheel called "Rewind" that looks like a Minilite and is 4 lug and 0 offset, but they don't give a bolt circle, so it may be Nissan/Toyota (4-100mm?)...

    Comopotive also makes a wheel like a Minilite in good sizes for us, and in 4-lug, but again no published bolt circle (http://www.usacomp.com/mlr.htm).

    These Ronal "mesh" wheels would look good on a MII, but would be pushing the backspacing a bit at 9mm: http://www.ronalusa.com/wheels/ls.html

    Don't forget that Centerline has a custom forged wheel line at reasonable prices: http://www.centerlinewheels.com/customs/customs1.php
  7. I called centerline for a customer and they said that they no longer build wheels with our bolt pattern
  8. After the Granada rotor / GM brake caliper up-grade and having the stock 8" ford Mustang II axles re-drilled to 5 on 4 1/2" these fit!

    View attachment 382699

    Wheel Vintiques 54 Series Magnum 500's. They are 14x7" with 4 1/2" Back space
    The tires are 225/60/14" front and 245/60/14" rear. The rear has plenty of room, the front is about maximum.

    View attachment 382700
  9. Why are your pictures so small?

    Thanks for posting them but they really don't show much.
  10. View attachment 381746

    let's see if this works, I've been trying to post pictures, but I'm not too savvy at this.

    Okay! I managed to get a thumbnail in!

    The wheels are from a 1988 Thunderbird, 14in., with a 1/4in. spacer.
  11. Got anymore pics of that bumper?

  12. There is no bumper right now, I have a fiberglass one hanging in the garage waiting for modification.
    I have to add in reinforcments, and mounting plates.
    I turned another grill upside down, and cut out the turn signals to protect my radiator.
    Kinda looks like it belongs there, LOL! :D
  13. 17" x 7's

    i think the 7" wide rim is as far as it will accept in the front at least my fronts do not rub at all they have 225/50/17's on all four corners (buddy went to 18's on his camaro so he sold me these 17's (tires only) for 40 buxs already had the rims ....OK i have tryed to upload photos of my 17's i cannot figure it out HELP PLEASE
  14. Try uploading it to an image hosting site like imageshack.us or photobucket.com and then linking it
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  16. I know the stock tire was 195/70-13 but obviously that's a bit hard to come by these days so I ended up with a 185/70-13 on my stock rims.
    I like the black and chrome of the stocker, so I'm just gonna clean and repaint them; but I need more meat, cuz these rubber pizza cutters ain't cuttin' it. so here's the question for you olders and wisers - How big a tire can I put on the stock 13x5.5(?) wheels?
  17. I have run as wide as a P205-60R13 on the 5.5" factory wheels, but its a smaller diameter (24"?) package than stock. Last time I checked there were several companies still offering this size. I don't think that there was ever anything wider than 195 in the 70 series 13" tire.

    This 60 series tire will tend to lower your car a bit and will have the effect of increasing your rear-end numerical ratio, so you will turn more RPM's on the road. Your speedometer will be off by 5% or so at highway speed.

    I found that the sidewalls on the BFG TA Radials weren't stiff enough in this size and that lead to some poor behavior in extreme manouvers. They were fine under most driving though.

    Make sure that you have the 5.5" wide V8 rims though...at one point I picked up a replacement steel sport wheel in a junkyard that was only 5" wide. It probably came off of a 2.3L or 2.8L powered MII or Pinto. Otherwise it looked identical.

    Oddly enough I'm looking at running P225-50R15 aftermarket wheels on my coupe which end up with nearly the same rolling diameter as the P205-60R13's! At least the sidewalls will be shorter and stiffer. :)

    Good luck and post some pics when you get the tires mounted.
  18. I put 235/50/13's on the stock 5.5" II wheels!!

    This is a good tire diameter tool that I use at work.

    Good thread on 13" tires. :D

    My car with 205/60/13's front and 235/50/13's rear.
    View attachment 342477

    Mickey Thompson still offers wide 13" tires.