Wheels-Tires Wheel/tire Combos Known To Fit

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  1. I got a set of 17x9 4 lug cobra R's. The rears do not rub, but they are VERY close to the leaf springs. The fronts were another story, right up on the top of the A arms. I ordered a set of 1.25" bolt on spacers for all 4 wheels. I guess we'll see if they fit
  2. Hey Project77 you have got to post some pics without the spacers and then the spacers, front and back, please!
  3. OK update...I was wrong, I ordered 1" spacers. I test fit the front with spacers and that's where it ended. Made the 17" wheels stick out past the fender by about half an inch, made the car look like a 4 wheel drive. I now have some options. stick with the 13" wheels, find a set of 16x8 Cobra R wheels. call a machine shop and see if they'll turn these spacers down by half an inch, or scrounge around for a set of chrome pony wheels. More updates to follow.
  4. why not run the 17x9 out back and some 17x8 up front. please can you post some pics.thanks
  5. I haven't been able to find 17x8 Cobra R wheels. I'll post up some pictures next time I venture out and fool with it, right now i'm going to call CJ ponyparts and see if they make a 17x8 silver finish Cobra R.
  6. i know my son bought some 17x8 for the front of his fox body from summit.
  7. I worry that 17x9 in the rear and 17x8 in the front might look funny.
  8. not really, the width of the rear fenders are wider that the front so the difference in the rim width would NOT look funny.
  9. These fit fine with !/2 inch spacers....235 60s on them too....if your running a bit low like I am...you must bend in the seam at the rear of the front wheelwells or itll rub your tires....taller springs are no problem though.....and slight clearancing of the wheelwell lips front and rear.
  10. My 77 Ghia sits on 3.5 x 15 w/155/80R15 in the front and 7.5 X 15 w/265/50R15 in the rear all tire are BFG T/a's. The wheels are all Centerline Convo Pro's. On race days the rear end wears 275/50R15 Nitto drag radials.

    I have a pair of 7.00 X15 Convo pro's that will eventually go on the front when I'm not at the track.
  11. 15x8 Draglites

    Have a line on (4) 15x8" draglites with 4.5"BS off a fox.

    Will these fit front and back with the right tires? :shrug:
  12. Back on page 4, there is this little bit of info. Doesn't help with the front though.

  13. Has anyone tried a 15x8 with 4.5 backspacing with a 295/50 on the rear? I kind of want to do this, but don't want to blow a wad on tires and not be able to use them. If they wouldn't work, I will settle for 265/275's, just want to increase the contact patch for the rear as much as possible without too much modification. I know I will have to roll the fender lip, but no more mods than that. Anybody's input is greatly appreciated! Thanks!!
  14. I Fubared with the size on the rear rims. They are 8.5 x 15 centerline convo pros with 3.375in backspacing.

    Were's the darn edit button anyway?
  15. Got any pics of your car? would love to see what it looks like with those wheels/tyres on! Cheers, Dave.
  16. I would purchase or borrow a tool like this one:
    Percy's High Performance, Inc.- Wheel Rite

    Or talk to a tire/wheel supplier that has one.

    You will need to know the backspacing, offset, and mounted tire width to make a good guess as to fit.
  17. Yet another Fox wheel that might be useful:

    SC Saleen Replica Style Wheels by Wheel Replicas

    The size closest to usefulness for us is:
    Size Pattern Offset / Backspace Lip Depth
    17x8 4 x 4.25 +19mm / 5.20" 1.04"

    Of course you have to have a way to deal with the poor offset...spacers or wider rear axle, etc.

    Its nice to see that the Fox guys are still getting new wheels anyway.
  18. I have 1inch spacers on mine I have used ponys with 245s all around, it rubbed in the front when hitting bumps. I was just trying them. I ended up using turbines 225 front and 235 rear.
  19. After reading all of this I am confused. I wanted to get a set of rodlites for the rear with drag radials. I planed on 15X7 with 3.5 back spacing I thought that was the ticket. I did want the 15X8 but I thought the 4.5 back space would not work you guys are saying it would? I didnt want to use spacers with the drag wheels. I also could not see the pics posted there was a error.
  20. I've seen several folks here and on other boards using 15" x 8" rear wheels on their MII's, but I would hesitate to it to anyone due to differences in car usage, suspension setup, tire dimensions, etc.

    I highly recommend a lot of measurements anytime a expensive tire/wheel combo is to be purchased, especially in a situation where the fit is marginal. I would either purchase/rent the Percy's tool above, or build something similar using the dimensions of the wheel/tire combo and some cardboard before purchase.

    In reference to adapters/spacers, I have heard H&R recommended for years as the best quality in the field: WHEEL SPACERS & Alloy Wheel Spacer Kits at Performance Alloys.com

    This guy also seems to have a good product, and he has a picture of a failed adapter that mmakes you consider the posiblity of failure:
    WheelAdapter.com is your number one source for wheel adapters, wheel spacers, used wheels, and wheel studs.

    I guess the moral is don't use them unless you just have to, use really high quality parts if you have to (both the adapter/spacer and wheel studs), don't use them in high stress situations like racing, and do follow the recommended inspection and re-torque schedule.