Wheel & Tire Combos - list yours here:

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  1. What clears - what doesn't

    I am thinking of putting 275-40-17 on the rear on 2003 Mach-1 17x9 rims made.. The fronts would be 255-40-17 on the same rims.


    Here are the wheels:


    Either way - Post what combination you have and how it works for you..
  2. Heres mine 20x8.5 up front & 20x10 rear:


    Powder Coated Ford Black:


    The tires are Michelin Pilot PS2 in 255/35/20 up front and 285/30/20 in the rear. The diameter of the tire is virtually the same as stock...so theres no speedo issues. Some people arent fans of the 20" size, but Boyd makes them starting in 17" --> 22".

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  3. ROH Drift Rs

    I have ROH Drift Rs for my '06 GT, like a few others on here. I think they are the best fitment, or as good as any I have seen for the new car. The sizes are as follows:

    Front - 19x9 - 275/35-19 - 35mm offset
    Rear - 19x10 - 295/35-19 - 45mm offset

    I have the wheels and tires, but still waiting on my car to get here.
  4. In keeping with the cars retro theme, I'm just using the stock bullitts with
    Fuzion ZRi 255/50/17's.
    GTYUP V8

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  5. I like your set up, but I noticed that it is slightly different than the silver one you posted. The hub portion of yours is a little larger surface area than the silver in your post. Was the silver a prototype and yours is the actual production version?

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  6. 275-40-18's all around with AFS chrome bullitts
  7. Cool...

    What size (width) and offset rims do you have?

    Any rubbing anywhere?

    Did you have to use any spacers?
  8. I imagine that the larger hub area is an engineering requirement for the larger size rims to handle the extra load. The silver one is probably the 17" version... On a 5-spoke rim, the lone spokes can only be so long before they need to tie into a larger mass at the hub.
  9. 255-50-17 BFG kdws- all around on stock rims
  10. 255/45/18 BFG KDW2's on Cragar 230 SS 18 x 9's all around.

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  11. Front: 17 x 7 Konig Imagines w/ stock 235/55's
    Rear: 18 x 8.5 w/ Pirelli P-Zero Nero 285/40's


  12. Chrome Deep Dish Bullitts on 05

    New Deep Dish 18X 9 wearing Nitto 555's 255-45-18 Fit great w/Eibach Pro Kit


  13. SSR GT-10's with BFG KDW-2's

    Front: 18x8 +49mm offset, 255/45/18
    Rear: 18x9.5 +43 offset, 285/40/18


  14. So - From the sound of it - these rims (I already have them) will probably work on my 05 with these tires...

    Please list the offset / backspacing on your wheels so others can order the right wheels...

    Thanks guys! :nice:
  15. Yes, the wheels will "work", but they'll stick out too much and look funny.
    They have the wrong offset.

    As for the tires, those will look even worse than the wheels. Those tires don't belong on an '05, unless you like a HUGE gap.

    The tire sizes you listed have a much smaller diameter than the stock tires. Those sizes are for the '03 Mach 1 they came off from.
  16. These are my Ford Racing 17 inch (17X8) silver Bullitt rims. Just got them installed.
  17. If I must... :D AFS Mach 1 Replica 18x9 BFGoodrich gForce T/A KDW 255/45/18
  18. Those wheels look great. Something about them makes them look bigger than 18's. ??? (not trying to say they aren't 18's, just there's "something" about them)

    I would replace those cobra centers with some pony centers though. (the pre-05 center caps fit perfect)

  19. Darkfire, those wheels look better on the 05 than they do on the Mach.

    I am using replica 03 Cobra wheels in 18x9, but I machined a quarter inch off the back to move them in a little more. Tires are 285/35-18s on the rear and 265/35-18s on the front


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