Wheel & Tire Combos - list yours here:

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  1. of course it is. here's the original pic, it's ours.

  2. Very nice indeed. Any full side profile shots of the rims that you can post? Thx
  3. You do realize I made the last post to this thread in SEPTEMBER, do you not? lol. Try PMing him.
  4. just purchased 19" for my car i really wanted to get 20" but did not want to give up a fatter tire......please advise me on some nice rubber "FAT RUBBER NICE SIDEWALL" (EVEN BETWEEN FRONT AND REAR TIRES) and the widest possible....thanks




    thanks for your help:SNSign:
  5. check out this STICKY thread here in GT tech....


    click here for a pic of his car.....

  6. Are these the same SSR GT-10's?

    Yours are really shiny. These rims I attached look kind of flat. They are noted as being

    Hand-painted with polished outer rim and clearcoat

    Finish: Silver w/Machined Lip

    Are they the same as yours? They are from a BMW M3 E46 and I'm hoping I can slip them onto my 05 Mustang GTwithout any mounting conversion. Thanks!
  7. make sure you take those BMW emblems off haha. Are they the same bolt pattern?
  8. question for anyone with aftermarket wheels that maybe can answer my question..............normally when purchasing staggered wheels meaning
    (19x9......19x10)......normally i see people using a tire setup the have different sidewall heights like 245-(45)-19 front and 275-(40)-19 i guess to even the height of the sidewall out between front and rear tires? (correct?)

    so how come for instance on saleen equipped cars the wheels do not follow the same kind of setup, like on the parnelli car it uses a 19x9 19x10 wheels
    but the tires are
    front : 275x40x19
    Rear : 285x40x19

    the thing is, the tires look even in sidewall height on the saleen:shrug:
    as well as cars with the staggered tire setup?............i dont get it????:bang:
  9. in a 275/40/17 tire, the tread is 275mm, but the sidewall aspect ratio is 40. this means that a 40 series tire is not the same height for all 17" wheels. 275 and 285 width tires are very close in width, so the same sidewall aspect ratio would make for a very similar height. the difference is so small that it is unnoticable. if you look at a tire manufacturers specs, it will list the overall diameter of various size tires. the diameter might be off .10" this difference is so small, that the tires are usually considered the same diameter.

    hope that explains it a little better for you. if not, let me know. :nice:
  10. The ones in your pic look similar, but I can't tell if they're the same from so far away. Here are a couple of pages of pics of mine, though. They're definitely more shiny than the pic of just the rim above my car in the earlier posts.

    One page
    Another page
  11. 255/35/20 toyo proxes-4's (all the way around) and 20x8.5 Black Bullets
  12. Mine are 255/45/18 Goodrich KDW2's on 18x9 Shelby Razors.
  13. No! I always wanted a beemer. Now I can have my cake and eat it too!

    Buttt....Come to find out beemers m3 has 5-120 pattern, mustang 5-114 pattern.
  14. 18x9 Anthracite Bullet Rims
    BF Goodrich g-Force T/A KDW 275/40 ZR18



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  15. 2KO5gt

    Those are the best looking wheels for the 05+:nice:

    I have them on order right now - 18x9 deep dish anthracite bullitts with 255/45/18 tires. They must make your car look lower because I don't see suspension mods in your sig yet the rear end looks lower than stock.
  16. 245/40/20 up front and 275/35/20 out back on Foose Nitrous Rims. I think I need to lower my car about 1" to 1 1/2" inches.

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  17. Konig Beyonds 20x9 up front & 20x10 out back
    Falken Tires 255/35/20 & 275/35/20 (soon to be 285 or 305)

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  18. Oh Man!

    that's some bling!! :banana: :banana: :banana: