wheel & tire combo's on your fox, lets see them.

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  1. Show us pics of your wheel/tire combo. Fat & skinnies, Saleens, 93 Cobra, Cobra R's, Ponies, Pony R's, what ever your running. White foxes, Black, yellow, Red, whatever color your car is. Members are always looking for wheel ideas & color combo's, lets get a wheel/tire sticky going.

    93 Cobra replicas.

  2. because we arent on the corral, this is stangnet? I dont even have an account there, and have never visited there. I have no intentions to either.

    I know there are other wheel threads on here though. But, what the heck, i'll contribute.

    Here is my car. 89 white vert with silver bullits. 245's in the front and 275's in the rear

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  3. I know there are other wheel threads, just trying to get it into one thread like corral. I also didn't want to take corrals and make it ours. I'm not re-inventing anything, just trying to make things easier for other members.
  4. i wasn't going to post any pics of my car until i finish it completely here in a few days, but what the heck...

    17x9 saleen sc's with nexen n3000 tires up front 245/45/17
    17x10 saleen sc's with nexen n3000 tires out back 275/40/17

    crappy iphone pic
  5. dirty pony's
    225/55/16 - Stock Size
  6. Mustangpics024.jpg
    18x9 Saleen
  7. 17x9 saleen replicas
    245/45 fronts, 275/40 rear
    and yes, it needs springs bad
  8. Cobra R.....245/45/17's

  9. SC Replicas, 17x9s w/245s & 17x19s w/ 275s


  10. OH hellz no are you gettin away with that! Your car is one of the best on here.....we deserve a full pic! :nice:
  11. Look through the link to the Corral thread. His car is in there.

    It's kinda funny, I'm looking for info on a five lug conversion, and I ended up looking at Corral's wheel thread, and I kept recognizing cars from Stangnet. I saw 25th's and TT91's, and S&B's cars among a bunch of others.
  12. i love that exterior color
  13. Hey Javaking, is that a Maier Racing hood? I used to have one on my 89 and loved it. Didn't need much massaging and strong as hell.
  14. '

    No I hear ya....but this is NOT Corall.

    This is SN. Lets make all searches link to us! :SNSign:

    Lets make SN more than Corral right? :shrug:

    No links.....lets make this site the best. Honestly I don't go to Corral. Sn rulez. :shrug:
  15. Will look better once she's on the ground and clean but sorry onlky pic I have of her with the Weld Prostars so far.


    Old rims, no idea what they were.

  16. :stupid: