wheel & tire combo's on your fox, lets see them.

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  1. I'm not posting any pics in this thread until my car is cleaned, and i have new ones to share...


  2. Was that your car in the latest Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords? The SN95 brake upgrade article?
  3. I know I know. but hey I'm old school. 15 x 7 Centerline Autodrags. 215/ 60 in front.. 265/ 50 in back


  4. 17" TSW Kyalami wheels on 245/45/17 Bridgestone Pontenza's




  5. Yeah that was my GT. I wrote and photographed the article. I started with this almost 100% bone stock GT with low mileage so I've been workin' on some good solid fox body articles with Evan Smith and MM&FF magazine. This is my second article. About 3 years ago i had done an AOD to T5 swap article with my 1992 5.0 Notch I used to have. I'm working on another article here pretty quickly, just waiting for the parts to show up. More to come later.

  6. replica 03 cobra wheels 17x8's up front 17x10.5's in the rear on 315 nitto DR 3/8 inch spacers.


  7. capriman86, your capri is another car on this I love seeing pics of :nice:!
  8. Thank you :nice:
    Maybe I will see you around at some show this season!
  9. Always loved how your car is coming out. Any fresh paint on her yet??