Wheels-Tires Wheel & Tire Covers (not Hub Caps)

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  1. I'm looking for a way to shield my wheels/tires from the weather.
    I have a 2014 GT with OEM 19x8.5 wheels with the stock P245/45ZR19 Pirelli PZERO NEROs.

    Since I don't have a garage, I picked up a CoverCraft custom fit cover, and it's great. However, my driveway is gravel, so every time it rains dirt and gravel splash up onto the lower few inches of my wheels and tires that are not covered.

    The overall outside diameter of the tire is something like 27.7 inches. I know wheel/tire covers for RVs are readily available in that size. My concern is that RVs don't tend to have very wide tires, despite all that RV drag racing. :crazy: The width of the Pirellis is about 9.6 inches. I'm afraid if the wheel covers intended for RVs aren't wide enough, then they'll just fall off of my tires.

    I thought about just going with a bigger size, but I checked out the 24" Storm-Proof Wheel Covers at Harbor Freight. They seem to have a ring, about the size of the intended outer diameter, that helps maintain the shape. If the RV covers have that too, then just going for a bigger diameter probably wouldn't work.

    So has anybody used these things? Or has anyone found a different solution? Do the RV wheel/tire covers on Amazon have that ring? Some advice now would be a lot easier than trial & error. Appreciate the help!
  2. I would expect the RV covers to have some kind of an elastic band to allow for some variance in wheel/tire sizes to be a more universal.

    The Storm-Proof Covers seem to be made for a specific application.
  3. Go to walmart and pick one up. Take it home and try it out. If it dont fit, they'll take it back
  4. I use some from Northern Tool that have plenty of elastic. I paint cars and they seem to fit anything I've done
  5. Oh yeah, Walmart will take anything back haha.

    Thanks for the tips guys.