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  1. Wheels:
    Brand: Steeda
    Model: Ultra-Lite Chrome
    Diameter: 18" X 9.5"
    Offset: 45mm

    Did you need/use a spacer? No
    Brand: Michelin
    Model: Pilot Sport PS2
    Size: 275/40/R18 Front and Rear

    Steeda Sport Springs
    Steeda Front and Rear Swaybars with Billet Rear Endlinks
    Steeda Competition Front Endlinks
    Steeda Billet Camber Adjusters
    Steeda Bumpsteer Kit
    Steeda Billet Strut Tower Brace
    Steeda G-Trac Brace
    Steeda Adjustable Panhard Bar
    Steeda HD Panhard Bar Brace
    Steeda Billet Lower Control Arms
    Steeda Adjustable Third Link
    Steeda Rear Shock Tower Brace
    Tokico D-Spec Shocks
    BMR K-Member
    BMR LCA Relocation Brackets

  2. Have any pictures??
  3. Junk Yard Dog

    Brand Boyd Cottington
    Model Junk Yard Dog
    Wheel Diameter 18X10 rear, 18X9 front
    Offset :not sure (sorry)

    Did you need/use a spacer? no

    Brand BF Goodrich
    Model G-Force KDW-2
    Size 285/40/18 rear, 255/45/18
  4. I hate to ask this... but could people post some costs? I'm trying to pic a combo, and cost is always a concern. BTW, here is a excel I put together going over different costs for sizes that were listed here. FR/RR is for which rim it would fit, the rating is just a personal number... and the vendors I'm looking at were discount online and tirerack.

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  5. Wheels:
    Brand - CCW
    Model - SP500
    Wheel Diameter - Front: 19X9 Rear 19X10.5

    Did you need/use a spacer? No

    Brand - BFG
    Model - Gforce KDW 2s
    Size - Front 275/35/19 Rear 295/35/19

    No suspension mods.
  6. wheels:

    Brand - Giovanna
    Model - Dalar (Silver)
    Wheel Diameter - Front: 22X9 Rear 22X10.5

    Did you need/use a spacer? No

    Brand - Pirelli
    Model - P-Zero Neros
    Size - Front 245/30/22 Rear 295/25/22

    Car is lowered 2.5" with H&R Supersport springs

    I will get pics up soon, guys!
  7. [​IMG]
    Brand - Weld Evo
    Model - Forgestar Chrome
    Wheel Diameter - Front: 20X9.5 Rear 20X10.5

    Did you need/use a spacer? Yes on the rear but only because Weld made the first batch of rear wheels incorrectly. Since then, the rear wheel chrome shattered and flaked and had to be returned under warranty.

    Brand - Dunlop
    Model - Sportmaxx
    Size - Front 275/35/20 Rear 275/35/20 (rears aren't wide enough)

    Tokico D Spec adjustables and Roush lowering springs.
  8. why you selling your wheels...i finally see someone with them on a S197

    I loved mine on my old car

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  9. Wheels: 18' X10 rear X 9 front
    Brand Mustang Tuning
    Model DD Bullets chrome
    Wheel 18 Diameter
    Offset 45---34

    Did you need/use a spacer? Yes .180 thick

    Brand Nitto
    Model DR rear 555 front
    Size 305/45/18 rear 265/45/18 front
  10. Wheels: 20x9
    Brand: American Racing
    Model: Razor (silver)
    Wheel: 20"
    Offset: 40mm

    Did you need/use a spacer? No

    Brand: Nitto
    Model: 555
    Size: 265/35/20

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  11. Wheels:
    Brand - Kazera
    Model - KZ-A SML
    Wheel - 18x8.5
    Offset - don't know

    Did you need/use a spacer? No

    Brand - BF Goodrich
    Model - KDW 2
    Size - 255/45/18

    Suspension Mods if any
    BMR Adj Panhard bar (poly/poly)
    BMR Panhard bar brace
    BMR Combo adj lca's
    Steeda HD rear swaybar w/endlinks

  12. Wheels:
    Brand: Hot Wheels
    Model: Sixty Eight
    Size: 18x9
    Offset: 45mm

    Did you need a spacer: NO

    Brand: Nitto
    Model: 555's
    Size: 295/45/18 rear 255/45/18 front

    FRPP "K" springs with no other mods needed or done

  13. Wheels:
    Brand - TSW
    Model - Mega Dish
    Wheel - 20x10
    Offset - 25mm

    Did you need/use a spacer? No

    Brand - BF Goodrich
    Model - KDW
    Size - 285-30-20

    Sportline Springs and I needed an adjustable panhard bar.

  14. Wheels:
    Brand - Foose
    Model - Nitrous Chrome
    Wheel - 18x8.5
    Offset - +34mm

    Did you need/use a spacer? No

    Brand - BF Goodrich
    Model - KDW 2
    Size - 235/55/18

    I bought these at www.cruisinchrome.com - great customer service and very helpful. I originally ordered 2- 18x8.5's and 2-18x10's The 18x10 wheels he sent me didn't have the right offset. He paid the shipping both ways to get them right. I will buy my next set of wheels from them again!!! Call the 909-6289763 (Cali number) and ask for Bill -- Tell him Larry from Denver sent you. You will not be disappointed

    <img src="http://www.boyces.net/foose2.jpg" border="0" alt="" /><br />
    <img src="http://www.boyces.net/foose3.jpg" border="0" alt="" /><br />
  15. yes you can, but search on other forums, brad ******* for one, there is a car the same color, who did it, but it wasn't a vert. to me, i don't think they look all that good black, i would leave them machined...
  16. Wheels:
    Brand - Carroll Shelby Wheels
    Model - CS67 (Black)
    Wheel Diameter - 20x9" (F), 20x10" (R)
    Offset - Don't Know

    Did you need/use a spacer? No.

    g-Force™ T/A® KDW
    255/35ZR20 (F), 285/30ZR20 (R)

    Ford Racing Handling Kit (M-2005-FR3) lowered 1.5" on all corners

    Pics: (Click for big ones)
    View attachment 362253 View attachment 362255 View attachment 362257 P5100077_edited-1.jpg
  17. Wheels:
    Brand - American Racing Rogue
    Model - Series 673 Chrome
    Wheel Diameter - 18X8.5
    Offset - +35

    Did you need/use a spacer? No.

    Brand - BFGoodrich
    Model - g-Force™ T/A® KDW
    Size - 255/45ZR18

    Lowered 1.6"
  18. Wheels:
    Brand - Rev Wheel
    Model - Cobra 340 Gunmetal

    Wheel Diameter(Front)- 18X8.5
    Offset - +32

    Wheel Diameter(Rear)- 18x10
    Offset- +45
    Did you need/use a spacer? No.

    Brand -Nitto
    Model - NT555
    Size - 255/45ZR18(Front)

    All stock suspension

    Now have StangSuspension Series II springs(1.75" front& 1.5" rear), Steeda heavy duty upper strut mounts and Steeda adjustable panhard bar.
    NO tire rub of any kind, but the CDC Classic spoiler scrapes a few times/week.

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  19. Wheels
    Brand: Foose
    Model: Nitrous
    Wheel Diameter: 20"x8.5"
    Offset: not sure

    Did you need/use a spacer? No


    Brand: Nexen
    Model: N3000
    Size: 255/35-20

    Suspension Mods? None, but just planning on FRPP K Springs



    Now 2 quick questions:

    What is the widest tire I can use on this rim? I'm guessing 295 but not sure.

    And I have a set of (2) 17" 96-97 Cobra rims. I am wanting to slap on some Mickey Thompson ET streets size 275/40-17s but I am not sure if the actual rim will work on my car. Will that rim and tire combo fit?

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