Wheel well rusting issues on 2000 GT (pictures attached)

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  1. Hi guys,

    I know this isn't tech but I didn't see where else to post this.

    I have a 2000 GT that I bought brand new. Michigan weather has taken a toll on this car over the last 13 years of driving it through the snow and the salt kills the paint and body.

    Anyway, the vehicle has pretty substantial rusting on it. The driver side is worse that the passenger side and I want to get it fixed. But I want it done the right way. I know patching it w/ bondo will just come back to rusting.

    I'd like to get your guys' opinion on what you have done if you've had this problem or if you have some recommendations. For those of you that have had this problem fixed, has it came back?





    Thanks in advance.
  2. I'm no body guy but to me it looks like you're going to have to cut a fair amount of metal out and weld-in a patch. I'm thinking you would source quarters at a wrecking yard. You'd cut out the bad parts of your car and then cut and trim the replacement metal from the donor and carefully weld it in. Follow that up with metal massaging, rust-inhibiting primer, a skim of mud, tons of bodywork and sanding, prep and paint.
  3. Thanks for the response. What do you think a shop would charge for that? Ballpark est.
  4. that quarter is a hard fix but can be done. I would get sum rust rust-inhibiting primer and crome finder moldings. I body shop most likely would want to replace the quarter. otherwise a few years later you will have the same problem
  5. Unfortunately this is common, the correct fix is to replace the inner wheel housing and the quarter. You could attempt a patch but it will most likely start rusting again really quickly. You almost need to seperate the spot welds and every thing to completly de-rust the whole area. I suggest saving your money and going to a body shop.
  6. have the same problem. my advice is to scrounge ebay for quarter panels. i saw a pair on there last week cut out of an 03 cobra. they will work on your car as well. anything 2000 to 2004 will work. or google for completly new panels but new ones ball park for around 600 to 700 i believe.
  7. Here's the update! Had a body shop fix up the fenders. They cut out all the rusted portions and welded in new custom pieces. Very happy w/ their work.



  8. Looks good. I grew up in NW Ohio. I don't miss the rust belt at all.

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  9. Wow. Looks great.