1. :drool: :hail2: :drool:
    These are 10th Aniversary cobra wheel thanks to cougar.
  2. That's looks damn good... :nice:
  3. I like those a lot :nice:
  4. I like those too.

  5. Shweet :nice:

    Been meaning to ask, dunno if you've said before, but, where did you get those 2.3 emblems from?
  6. too bad they are 5 lug :( but those are some Nice looking wheels And brakes.

  7. I got mine from 50resto.com
  8. there 17-9, so unless they have the perfect backspacing, they would rub, and I would never be able to get a tire big enough to fill the wheel up. Still fun to look at :D.
    I always forget where I got the emblems, so I had to actually look it up. http://store.yahoo.com/mustangweekly/23fenderemblem.html.