Wheels and color question...

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  1. Im not sure what that color is called, but those v6 wheels are a definate no go! Any of the 17's or 18's would look better than those. If it were me I would put some chrome 03 cobras on there!
  3. My vote would be for the grey bullits. Deep dish.

    How did you end up with those V6 wheels, I have never seen them on a GT.
  4. the old lady that had it b4 me thought they were pretty I guess, lol. It only had 45,000 when I bought it last year so Im not complaining, but now you see why I need new wheels fast...
  5. Those wheels came on some 99/00 GT's. Your car will shut off around 120mph. The tires are H rated.

    You might be able to go to a local dealership and pay them a small fee and swap them for some 17in. wheels:)

    Did I say "small fee" and "dealership" together...? That can't be right:)

    I believe there were two different green colors, electric green and ? green.
  6. Yours looks to be electric green
  7. Thanks, ive gone 120 before, although it didnt cut out im sure it would have soon after, yeah im thinking bullit wheels would look nice(grey)
  8. +1 on the Athracite Bullitts

    My previous mustang was a green Bullitt and as far as wheel to color combo's are concerned I think Ford definately got it right on that one...
  9. Those are the standard GT Deluxe wheels for 1999-2000. The 17" painted wheels were an option on the Deluxe and Standard on GT premiums. Not too many Deluxes came with the 16" wheels. The plus side is that these are usually the quickest stock 99+ GT's due to the lighter wheels and usually not coming with such options as ABS/TC leather and Mach 460.

    Oh the tires are H-rated so the car is speed limited to 117MPH :( You'll need a chip or tune to defeat that.

    Check your door jamb sticker for the color code.

    If it's SU then the color is Amazon (tropic) Green and 13.262 were made that year.

    If it's SW then it's Electric Green and only 5100 were made that year.

    To me it looks like you have Amazon Green