Wheels and Tires...HELP...07 GT

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  1. Im looking at getting a set of wheels and tires for street/strip use. I keep seeing guys using 15" weld racing....how do they fit them with brake clearance??? My car has factory 17"...no way to go 15s???
  2. Can't speak to the front as I have 14" brakes, so I used 17" rims. On the rear you need to trim the sway bar mount as pictured here, then it is no problem installing 15" rims.

    From this:


    Trimmed to this:


    Add Sway Bar relocation plates like this:


    Then 15" rims fit the rear like this:


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  3. Great info and pics! Thank you!! Good looking 08...like that color. Looks nice with those tucked up under it.
  4. What size wheel and tire on the rear? 15x10...275 tire? Thanks again
  5. They are Mickey Thompson ET Street Radials, 325/50/15's.

    I removed the bump stop to the side of the frame and re-positioned the bump stop on the axle housing with a relocation plate to make everything work. Here are a few pictures:

    OEM bump stop on frame.


    Cleaned off the undercoating to see where to remove the spot welds.


    Spot welds removed.


    Frame bump stop cut off.


    Undercoating applied.


    Fabricated a relocation plate to move the bump stop to under the actual frame rail. (note bump stop not yet trimmed down in this picture).


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  6. Thanks for all the help Scott. Great info and pics Im sure other guys can use. Already passed it on to a couple buddies. Thanks again for your help.
  7. I have seen alot of guys using 17" skinnies on the front, to help with steering response and provide brake clearance. Then they use the 15x10's (same brand of wheel) on the back.
  8. Thank you also jpplaw, that's what im looking at now. Deciding against welds or race star. I appreciate your help guys. Thank you
  9. If you go with the Racestars get the direct drill models. The uni-lugs are a royal pain to use. Racestar even recommend not using the uni-lug on the rear with more then 450 rwhp.

  10. Thanks, I'm leaning towards the welds as usual. I always get direct drilled just for the fitment reasons. These cars are a little different than my fox cars but love them.