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  1. Hi I new to this site and looking for se opinions on what wheels and finishes would look on my black 2000 GT mustang convertible with a black top. I like the cobras, and the cobra R's. But can't decide on the finish. I don't think I want chrome so I'm thinking either silver machined or just silver and I don't know if they come in a polished or not. I also have 16" on it now but looking to go with either 17" or 18". Any advice I can get would help me in my decision. Or if you have any other suggestion for wheels. Also deep dish all the way around or not ?
  2. Black with a polished lip looks awesome on black cars. Black is one of those colors that any type of finished wheel looks good with.

    Do NOT go deep dish all the way around! It looks retarded. Deep dish in the rear only.
  3. +1 on the rear only deep dish. Black wheels on a black car looks cool. The murdered out look is big right now. If you're going that route, you may want to look into some tinted windows with tinted or smoked head and tail lights.

    Chrome makes a good classy contrast on a black car. Do you have smoked headlights or the original silver headlights?

    I also vote for 18" wheels. They look great on New Edge cars.
  4. I just put these old school steeda's on our 01 last week, 18x9 with 275/35 mounted on it.

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  5. Hey thanks! I think black does look good I just haven't decided if I wanna go with the all black look. My headlights are the black inside instead if the chrome. They aren't the smoked but they give a darker look than the factory chrome .
  6. Car looks gorgeous......but for the love of God, lower that thing!
  7. Its the wifes toy and she said no, I can wrench on mine (the blue one) until my hands cramp but she's being obstinate with hers. I was thinking about slipping some bullet springs on it, just a slight 1/2 to 3/4 drop, I dont think she'd notice. I could buy back my old steeda sports and drop it almost 2 inches and it would look great but id be sleeping on the couch until I got it back to stock.
  8. Speaking of lowering....what does that do to the shock/strut piston travel ? The wheel well gap just gets worse with lower profile tires.