Roush Wheels Offset of 1986 Saleen

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  1. Wheel Offset of 1986 Saleen

    I own a 1986 saleen mustang. It used to be my Dad's until he let his wife drive it, who took it over two parking lot islands and taco-ed the wheels, plus some body kit damage. Anyway I am trying to fix the car and the first step is to get new wheels. Does anyone know if it is possible to find these stock Saleen Wheels anywhere? I have been looking but to no avail. And also, if I have to buy some wheels for the car from a dealer, like america's tire co., what offset am I going to need (positive 18 or 20mm)? I was looking at some 17x9 4-108hub-centric wheels with the option of 18mm or 20mm offsets. Nobody there seems to know about Saleens, or their computer wouldn't tell them. I dont have the car in front of me now, but I think the stock wheels were 15" with a 50 series tire, can anyone tell me if this is correct? Will 17x9 fit this car with 40 series tires?

    Insight is greatly appericiated, Thanks!
  2. It might be easier to help if you told us which wheels are currently on the car?

    Are themy the mesh style? To my knowledge, the 86 Saleen could have 15" Hayashi's or 16" Riken or Enkei wheels, and I'm no expert on them. If they are 16's, is the center of the wheel flat (Enkei) or does the mesh pattern extend almost to the center of the rim (Riken)?
  3. Saleen no longer offers any of the wheels that were available for the Fox Body Saleens. The only way you will find a set is through ebay or a private sale. You can contact Mark Lamaskin at Sometimes he has a set or knows of a set. I know Saleen made the 84 and 85 in a 4 lug but I can't recall what year they went to the 5 lug. I believe it was 87 which is what I have. Good luck