1. Anybody Have suggestions on wheels? I can't decide. Photochops welcome.

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  2. none? I figured atleast someone would make fun of my hood or something about the car they didn't like. lol.
  3. i think people just had a long week......and this type of post comes up every other day.......

    just check the post your 4.6 pics forums to get some great ideas..??:nice:
  4. I like the current wheels :shrug:
  5. From one all black car to another....

    CHROME Deep Dish Bullitts

    Any kind of the Bullitts (excluding black IMO, but thats another thread) look great with the 94-98s.

    I also like the chrome version of the wheels that you have on there now.
    Mmmmmmmmmmmm Chrome on black..........

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  6. y2k cobra r's would look awesome on your car! And I like your hood:nice:

  7. Agreed with the hood comment and also 18" Y2krs would look great as well as Saleen's in that size.