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  1. Hey, I have these cobra r wheels and I'm wanting to sell them. Really wanted them at first but now trying to score some Roush Wheels. These are 18x9 and have the valve stems. One of them has some rash as pictured. Just pm me or send email to [email protected]. Looking for $500 plus shipping but I will entertain offers. Thanks

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  2. hello???? anybody? make me an offer I can't refuse
  3. Where are you located?
  4. brandon, mississippi. you can pick them up and save on shipping or depending on where you are, i can meet you half-way
  5. I was just curious. That's way too far away. I am in PA
  6. $500 shipped if anybody's interested. I need these gone.
  7. 0ffer

    $400 shipped to 14094
  8. no thanks, I would be out of money. How about $475? At least then I would break even
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