1. What are good sites to look at available 4 lug wheel sets?

    I see some convert to 5 lugs. What are the reasons for this? I'm trying to decide a path before I begin. I'd rather do things in a systematic way then go forward, then backward again if you know what I mean.

    Are there any Torgue Thrust D type wheels available in 4 lug pattern?

    I want to keep road car stance rather than drag strip. Wider in back is fine but I'm not looking for skinnys up front. I wouldnt mind dropping the front an inch or two but keep the back stock height.

    Post any picture you might have of cars with nice wheel combos.


    92 LX Hatchback - black in color
  2. Unless you wanna rock some draglites (like me) or some cobra R's the only way you are gonna find some reasonably priced "nice" wheels is to convert to 5 lug
  3. Define reasonably priced?

    I picked up my staggered 17x9/17x10 10th Anniversary Cobra wheels in triple chrome in a 4-lug pattern, with rubber, chrome stems and chrome lug nuts with locks from these guys for under $1,000 brand new. http://www.oewheelsllc.com/Wheels_3/10th-Anniversary-Mustang-Wheel-Sets

    The painted sets were even cheaper. I'd say that's a pretty decent deal for brand new wheels and rubber? :shrug:

    The reason most convert to 5-lug is partially for the wider wheel selection and partially for the ability to run the SN95 front brakes. They're loads better than the crappy set up we got saddled with on our Fox bodies. You can convert to 5-lug really cheaply using the Mark VII rotors, but you're still stuck with the Fox front brake set up. Most will buy the '94-'04 spindles and go from there.
  4. I did 94 spindles so I could run Cobra brakes. Plus the 5 lug selection is way better.
  5. 25 years now with my '88 vert and I've never felt the need to covert to 5 lug. Although converting to 5 lug does open up more wheel options.

    For new 4 lug wheels try Latemodel Restoration or America Muscle. Plenty to choose from.

    I'm running the '93 Cobra replicas and have been very happy with them..
  6. I converted to 5-lug for the brakes alone. The wider selection of wheels was a bonus.

    After driving modern cars with good brake systems, the 4-lug drum setup on the fox just didn't hack it any more compared to what I drove daily. My "sporty" car shouldn't be out performed by my 4-door sedan daily driver
  7. IMHO any 4 lug wheel with a 5 spoke design looks terrible and unbalanced. Wheel selection in 4 lug is very slim and mostly awful.
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  8. goin with these - 17x9 and 17x8 with staggered tire

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  9. Ohhhh yeah, ...nice.
  10. I think ill go 235/45 in the front instead of 245. That will be a bit narrower and slightly shorter for the low slung front end look. Keepin the back at 275/40.

    I've cut coils on other cars to lower suspension. Will that work on the front of these Fox body cars? Nothing drastic, maybe 1.5" drop.
  11. Good choice, it should look great. I ran 235/45's up front for a few years until I wore them out. Then I bumped up to 245/45's. Looks great with the 275/40's on the rear. I've been running those sizes together for a long time.

    However you will probably need to roll the rear fenders for clearance with the 275/40's.
  12. I'd stick with the 245's in the front and keep the stock aspect ratio. 245/45/17 was the stock tire size on 17x8 wheels and they fit perfectly. Not to mention, if you stay with the 245's in the front, it'll be that much less you'll need to cut the front springs in order to close up the wheel gap. You'll also get that much more ground clearance in the front end of the car.

    As for cutting springs....not an issue, but 1 1/2" is quite drastic. I wouldn't drop the stock springs any more than 3/4"-1". If you want to go lower than that, get yourself a set of proper lowering springs. Stock springs cut that much are going to make the car ride like a battle tank.
  13. I am a little late to the discussion, sorry. I was researching what was available for 4 lug brake upgrades. The selection of parts is slim and expensive. I was thinking that would be my only reason for going to 5 lug.

  14. Thanks for the advice on spring cutting. So, how much to cut off for 1" drop? One full coil or something less?
  15. A wise member on this board once told me that the stock springs are setup at approx. a 1:2 ratio. Basically, if you cut off one inch, you'll drop the spring about 2". So count on whatever you plan on cutting off, to double the drop. Give or take a few mm.
  16. So, cut off about 1/2" of unloaded (uninstalled) height and it will translate to about 1" drop when back in vehicle? Do I have this correct?