1. Correct. You could also remove the spring isolators for just a "little" more if you want. If you do choose to keep your stock isolators in place, keep in mind you might have to drive it around for a week or so for them to settle and get the benefit of the full drop height.
  2. Great..thanks for the help. For tires, I went with the Hankooks I previously linked in this thread.

    I opted for 235/45 in the front. The reason is, the 245/45's are actually slightly taller than the 275/40's that will be on the rear. I cant see the point in having the front tires taller than the rear. I'm weird like that. The 235/45's (front) will be slightly shorter than the 275/40's (rear). That way, my quirky brain is happy. 3lbs less weight for each front tire so that's a tiny boost too.
  3. Just remember. The shorter tire will leave you with a little more gap between the tire and the front fender. As such, It might be necessary to take a hair more off the spring to keep the aesthetic balance.

  4. Understood. I'm not hell bent on stuffing the wheel wells to the hilt anyway. Not dropping the rear at all. Leaving it stock height. I think the balance will be there with my tire size selection and slight front end drop. Don't wanna look slammed. Just wanna look a little mean.