when are stronger axles needed?

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  1. Hello....I picked up a used 8.8 today with 4.10's already installed an I want to swap the axles to 5 lug before bolting it in. I have a stock 87 bottom end with ported gtp heads an a performer rpm intake with a 600 dp carb an crane 2020 cam....I hope for 300 hp to the ground...oh an it is an aod car for now...I may run it on the quarter 10 times a year an dr's aren't out of the question so I'm wondering when are 31 spline axles needed, or would I be ok with stock ones? I was also looking at the after market 28 spline ones as a stronger replacement. I'm a little afraid of the ranger/areostar swap because one of the axles would be turning the opposite way it was broken in...any opinions appreciated... thanks.
  2. It depends on how much traction you get.

    In your case, I'd say they're needed when your current axle(s) break.

    The stock tranny followed by the stock (unreinforced) 8.8 rear are typically your weakest links.
  3. when you break the stock ones!!!!!!!!!
  4. 300HP/AOD in front of 28-spline 4 lug axles will be fine. Just beef up the traction-loc, install the 8.8 and run it. No worries.
  5. I have been looking for this answer also. As noted in my info, I have run several dozen high 12 sec quarters and lots of high 7 sec eighth miles, with drag radials on my 7.5 in, 28 spline, 4 lug stock axles. Sixty foots are in the 1.8 to 2.0 range usually. Lots of people tell me I am on borrowed time, but its worked for 5 or 6 years.

    At least the axles seem ok. And, yes, I have a couple 8.8's ready, and plan on a 31 spline spool set up soon.
  6. What is a spool set up?

    What? I'm a noob.:shrug:
  7. I'd say you must be living right not to blow that 7.5" rear apart with those times. right now I'm leaning toward after market higher strength 28 spline axles...i don't want to find the breaking point because i drive it to the track!
  8. a spool is a sleeve with splines that replace all the clutches and other stuff and just mate the axles to run togeather no matter what. Like a locker with no give around corners....or as I see it the right way to weld the rear end lol
  9. mini spool

    full spool

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  10. I broke a stock axle on pretty much stock power. 224hp 284tq
    MT Radials and 4k rpm dont mix.
  11. We run in the 11's with our stick/blower car with all stock rear stuff and 27x10.5 slicks. The car is ran weekly and dumped at 4800 every time and it is still alive (knock on wood) it all depends.
  12. I plan on taking my 28-spline stock axles to 350RWHP next summer, soft footbrake stall launches on 9" slicks and I'm a lot more worried about my C-4.
  13. I would just run the stock axles till they break. If you decide to redo the rear i would weld the tubes of the axle so they dont want to twist on you. I welded mine up combined with moser 31's, richmond 4.11's, detroit locker, and ford racing axle cover.
  14. I should have added that the 7.5 axle in my 82 is a 79 housing with an FRPP Traction Lok and 4.10 gears that I bought new and installed, so it's not all, old, stock stuff.

    It has also lived through a dozen or so fully sprayed launches, although I have not used the spray as much as I thought I would.

    I did try a 4.56 setup with an 8.8, but it's too much gear for the quarter, so I took it out to run FFW a couple years ago. I think the extra weight of the 8.8 took up some of the advantage of the gears.

    Overall, I would not be as reluctant to put some more power on an 8.8, as long as the setup is good.
  15. I have 4.56's in the car now...I'm gonna sell that rear in the spring when i finish the swap.
  16. I think stronger axles are needed whenever you launch on some sticky tires. You're living a daring lifestyle launching with any sort of power on stock parts. I really wouldn't want to land on my undercarriage when an axle breaks and I lose a wheel. It'd be even worse when it puts you into the wall at the track.
  17. My axles held up to 420whp and 435ft/lbs on 275/60/15 ET streets last year on and off the track.
  18. i have a line on some 28 spline ford racing five lugs that are new/never installed, hope they will be ok for my limited abuse.
  19. ran a 7.5 with 28 spline axels for 15 years and no proplems.the car had a 4000 stall converter but i was only footbraking it at 2800 car was fine and still is
  20. At the track, alot of guys are running with the stock axles and launch hard. And some of these are low 10 sec. cars. they do have a beefy tranny though.

    When and if you can take your tires off the ground you should think of new axles. Or like others said, when they break!:)